The History of Wood, Part 53


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3 Responses to The History of Wood, Part 53

  1. Brian Clites says:

    Finally, McDara has earned his mark as a true Renaissance Man!


  2. Brian Clites says:

    Two General Requests: (unrelated to this THOW post)
    1. Could you please add the functionality for registered LAP buyers to leave reviews for the products you sell?
    2. Please consider also adding a page for general questions/comments related to LAP products.


    • Hey Brian,

      I’ve never been a fan of reviews on a manufacturer’s web site for several reasons:

      1. Glowing reviews look planted. There even are services that write glowing reviews for your site.
      2. Many negative reviews are written by people who haven’t actually used the product or simply have a spleen to evacuate.

      We encourage all woodworkers to start a blog, if only to write about things they like or don’t like. These are independent (usually) and of more value than a review on the product’s web site.

      As to general comments, you can send those to If we think it’s something that needs to be addressed, we’ll write about it on the blog and share it with readers. We do appreciate and read all feedback – good and bad. And we have made changes to our books and web site as a direct result.

      Sorry to disappoint.


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