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Moulding Glossary: Scotia

Scotia \ˈskō-sh(ē-)ə, -tē-ə\:  A hollow moulding used especially in classical architecture in the bases of columns. While the term “scotia” (which means “darkness”) is sometimes used to refer to any hollow moulding, some sources use the term to apply to … Continue reading

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Moulding Glossary: Flutes

flutes: A channel or furrow in a pillar, resembling the half of a flute split longitudinally, with the concave side outwards. Some authorities refer to Doric columns as “channeled” because they have a sharp arris at the meeting of the edges … Continue reading

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Moulding Glossary: Cavetto

cavetto: \kə-ˈve-(ˌ)tō, kä-\ A hollowed moulding, whose profile is one-quarter of a circle. It is principally used in cornices. A cavetto that flows from and terminates a straight line is called a conge, or sometimes an apophyge.

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Moulding Glossary: Egg and Dart

egg and dart: An ornamental device often carved in wood, stone or plaster quarter-round ovolo mouldings, consisting of an egg-shaped object alternating with an element shaped like an arrow, anchor or dart. Some historians contend this ornamental device is supposed … Continue reading

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Moulding Glossary: Fillet

Dang. I had no idea that “facial angle” would evoke such an impassioned response. I’m still sorting out the online and off-line comments and will post a follow-up. In the meantime, let’s do an easy one (famous last words). fillet … Continue reading

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Mouldings: Help Us Get it Right

This year Lost Art Press has two books coming out on mouldings – understanding, designing and making them. But if you have ever delved into the world of cavettos, scotias, astragals and toruses (tori?), then you know that the lexicon … Continue reading

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