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Roorkhee No. 2: Strapless

My second version of a Roorkhee chair features details found on other traditional early 20th-century chairs – the most notable difference being that this chair does not have leather straps running left and right below the seat. This strapless setup … Continue reading

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A Never-ending Debt to John Brown

“The customer is always wrong,” Felix Klipstein in the John Brown column #129, December 2002 I never got to meet John Brown, the Welsh chairmaker, artist, writer and author of “The Anarchist Woodworker” column in Good Woodworking magazine. But he … Continue reading

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A Thousand Meals; Five Lessons

Like most woodworkers, I learn a lot about the craft while building projects. What’s surprising is how much I learn about the craft after the project is completed and put to use. Most of the projects I build for Woodworking … Continue reading

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Bathroom Cabinetry: Coming Out of the Water Closet

Years ago, we performed a year-long survey at Popular Woodworking to find out what sort of projects appealed to our readers. We were interested in what furniture styles they liked, but we were also interested in what furniture forms (tables, … Continue reading

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American Wall Cupboard

When you design a piece of furniture to build, there are three well-worn paths (some might call them ruts) to follow. The first path is to design a piece in a wholly original style. This actually happens about once or … Continue reading

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Union Village Blanket Box

The Union Village Shaker community is about an hour north of my home in Fort Mitchell, Ky., but it doesn’t figure large in the world of Shaker furniture like the eastern Shaker communities do. Union Village was the first and … Continue reading

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