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Two Children’s Books: Making a Table & A Handplane Fairytale

Both books are from the Special Collections of the University of Washington Library. Although the page count is low, only 9-12 pages each, the illustrations pack a punch and you don’t have to read Russian to understand the stories. The … Continue reading

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Aumbry Déjà Vu: The “Mad Owl” Sussex Maker

While reading Fred Roe’s “Ancient Coffers and Cupboards” I came across a drawing of a late Gothic almery owned by Morgan Williams (owner of St. Donat’s Castle until 1909). What caught my eye was the “mad owl” tracery on the … Continue reading

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For Your Library: Time Capsules Filled With Oak Furniture

Fred Roe was an accomplished artist who later became an expert and collector of oak furniture. Three of his books are available online to add to your digital library. Although most of the oak pieces are British there are some … Continue reading

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For Your Bookshelf: Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland

Do you need a dose of handmade and hand-decorated? Try “Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland” edited by Charles Holme and published in 1910. This gorgeous little book includes sections on textiles, metalwork, horn carving and a large section … Continue reading

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Two Short Stories: Renaissance Hijinks and a Nova Scotia Legend

If you are looking for some light reading to add to your digital book wheel I have two short stories for you featuring woodworkers. The first story, from 15th-century Italy, is “La novella del grasso legnajuolo” (The Story of the … Continue reading

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Roman Tools, Mouldings and Hardware at Saalburg

In our research on Roman workbenches and holdfasts, Suzanne Ellison has turned up some images I’ve not seen before that are a remarkable reminder that our tools, mouldings and hardware haven’t changed all that much in 2,000 years. Of particular … Continue reading

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