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A constellation of carvers will soon be gathering in Plymouth, Massachusetts for Greenwood Fest 2018 so I thought a taste of non-European spoons, ladles and scoops (some ceremonial, some for daily use) might be in order. Africa Let’s start big … Continue reading

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Drawing the Acanthus Leaf

This is an excerpt from “Carving the Acanthus Leaf” by Mary May. DRAWING THE SYMMETRICAL ‘S’ CURVE This example works with multiple curves and shows how to draw a symmetrical design that identifies the midrib of the leaf for Chapter 5. By … Continue reading

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For Your Bookshelf: Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland

Do you need a dose of handmade and hand-decorated? Try “Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland” edited by Charles Holme and published in 1910. This gorgeous little book includes sections on textiles, metalwork, horn carving and a large section … Continue reading

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A Sampling of Aesthetic Movement Furniture

Aesthetic Movement furniture can give you whiplash. On one hand it can be delicately rendered, on the other hand it can hit you over the head with goofiness. The Aesthetic movement was a reaction to the heavy and suffocating Victorian … Continue reading

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Revenge is a Dish Best Served Carved

In the next year or two I want to travel to South Korea and lately have been researching temple stays. One temple that is very appealing is Jeondeungsa Temple on Ganghwa-gun Island, Incheon. The temple is located within the Samnangseong … Continue reading

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Misericords: Carpenters, Benches and A Few Other Things

In this last post on misericords there are carpenters, benches, axe men, one holdfast, one really old misericord, a measured drawing (!) and rabbets  rabbits. One of the fascinating things about misericords is how the craftsman chose to position his … Continue reading

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Wildwood Flowers

Rose hip, oak leaves and acorns, sweet briar rose (eglantine) and sunflower. “With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine…” Many English misericords have a central carving with a ‘surround’ to either side. The surround may have additonal figures that add to … Continue reading

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More Misericords: The Carvers

Over the weekend I plowed through several thousand photos on my mission to gather together misericords featuring woodworkings. I found enough examples to split into two posts: today are the carvers and (perhaps) the carpenters will be posted by next … Continue reading

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A Gallery of Misericords: The Woodworkers

After carving scenes from the Bible, parables, the local trades and a full range of human foibles a carver of misericords might turn his skills to a depiction of his craft. The Kings Lynn Master Carver is probably the most well-known … Continue reading

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