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The Sticking Board

This is an excerpt from “Mouldings in Practice” by Matthew Sheldon Bickford.  A table saw has a fence, a powered jointer has a table, your bench has dogs or a stop. Like any other task in our craft, bracing a … Continue reading

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Make a Moulding Plane this Weekend

From Matt Bickford’s blog (Matt is the author of “Mouldings in Practice“) This weekend I will be teaching a class at The Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. The students attending this two day class will build a round and leave … Continue reading

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Get Your Books Signed in Iowa

Several Lost Art Press authors will be available at Handworks to sign your books. If you want to get Don Williams and Narayan Nayar to sign “Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of Henry O. Studley,” they have set up … Continue reading

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The Best Beekeepers…

The best words of advice I’ve heard sound simple until you give them some thought. Here are three things to consider. “Good beekeepers have to figure some things out for themselves.” This was a simple statement made by a beekeeper … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mr. Weiner

It’s easy to think that there aren’t any secrets left in woodworking. But I don’t think that’s true. While a lot of the basic hand and machine skills are widely discussed and disseminated (thank you, Internet), a good deal of … Continue reading

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Get To Know Mouldings With 3 Free Downloads

Many woodworkers struggle when designing their own mouldings, and that’s because they haven’t studied enough of the most common forms. Imagine trying to build a chest of drawers if you had only seen a few of them. To become fully … Continue reading

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The Mad Chef’s Milk Paint gets a Shellacking

Despite word from Tibet from my milk paint supplier that Agnes the yak was busy assembling her hope chest and flirting shamelessly with a certain strapping young specimen of yakhood, I decided that I needed to take the bull by … Continue reading

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