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Best laid plans…

As some of you will recall, I last reported from Ecuador back in August, when I showed you the workbench that I had completed. Since then…nothing. What happened? Well, as it turned out, a variety of events and situations conspired … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping – End game

The bench is finished. It’s not the prettiest bench around, but I think it will get the job done (and it only has to last until December, anyway). The top is 6′ long and 21″ deep. I had planned for … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping – Phase 2

I’m more or less following the script of The Naked Woodworker for my workbench, making adjustments as necessary to accommodate the differences in sizes and shapes of lumber that are available to me here in Ecuador. I used the two-bucket sawbench illustrated in … Continue reading

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High in the Andes

I’m used to working up a sweat while involved in some heavy sawing or planing, but what I’m not used to doing is gasping for air and getting a pounding headache in the process. The Andes are big mountains, and … Continue reading

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Bootstrapping – Phase 1

How do you build a saw bench…without a saw bench? In The Naked Woodworker, Mike Siemsen shows how to begin with a length of 2 × 6 and a pair of 5-gallon buckets. It would appear that 5-gallon buckets aren’t really a … Continue reading

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A trip to the big box store

The Pelican case and its contents have arrived safely in Ecuador. One of the two locks on the case, however, did not make it. R.I.P. We are now reasonably settled into our rental house, so it’s time to think about woodworking. … Continue reading

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Traveling light(ish)

I’m going to be living in Quito, Ecuador for the next six months. I wanted to bring some tools with me to try out on those notorious tropical hardwoods (and whatever else I might encounter). Unfortunately, with all that iron … Continue reading

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I found myself in need of a roughly cubical wooden frame the other day. There are a lot of ways to fasten three sticks together to make a corner: And in the end, I did end up using something like … Continue reading

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More texture!

Chris’s recent post about texture reminded me of this Japanese bowl that I have: The bowl is extremely light in weight, which leads me to think that it is made from kiri (Royal Paulownia, Paulownia tomentosa). The finish is urushi, … Continue reading

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Pins vs. Tails

Pins or tails first? Yes, it’s that eternal question, once again: If you overload a dovetail joint, which will fail first, the pin board or the tail board? I was inspired to take a closer look at this after reading … Continue reading

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