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Why We Prefer a Tight Fit & an Untapered Shaft

The Crucible Iron Holdfast is patterned after a French holdfast that a friend of ours, Brian Anderson, discovered on a dung heap in a barn. Like many French holdfasts from the 20th century, this one had a shaft that wasn’t … Continue reading

Milk Paint – Advice and a Mad Chef

In addition to the Milk Paint appendix in the “The Anarchist’s Design Book” there are a few more resources that the new milk painter might find useful: Chapter 25 on Finishing in “Chairmaker’s Notebook” by Peter Galbert, available from Lost … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Translation

Chris might have promised not to get too far into the “This Old House” mode as he works on the cool old building he plans to turn into the Lost Art Press Bat Cave. I however made no such promise, … Continue reading

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Router Plane Fix

The old Stanley router plane turned up in the mail from a colleague in the States a while back, the box a little crunched and the threaded adjustment shaft was bent. Not a huge problem, but the thing was that … Continue reading

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Upcoming Projects at Lost Art Press

When I left the corporate publishing world, I stopped wearing a wristwatch everyday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn one this year. This is, of course, a symbolic gesture. We won’t release a book until we are happy with … Continue reading

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Roubo is Not Dead, he is Not Even Past

One of the treasures I inherited when buying my house was a falling-down chicken coop/rabbit hutch with (I can say without blushing) a brick shithouse tacked onto the end. It is in the courtyard, and was built in a hurried … Continue reading

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Coming in 2014: The First English Translation of Félibien

We are pleased to announce that one of the titles we will publish in 2014 is the first English translation of the woodworking sections of André Félibien’s “Princips de l’architecture…,” an important 17th-century book on the craft. “Princips de l’architecture…” … Continue reading

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André Roubo: Elbow Grease, Tallow and Books

Editor’s note: The below entry is part of a series of articles we have commissioned Brian Anderson to write about André Roubo in preparationd for the publication of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry.” Brian, the translator … Continue reading

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Roubo’s dome for Paris’s Halles aux Blés

“In the past, the carpenter’s guild enjoyed great prestige. To be a house carpenter was to know how to lay out and join, with precision, the often huge systems of trusses needed to support the enormous weight of a roof … Continue reading

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The Mad Chef Abuses Fine Belgian Beer

Editor’s note: Normally, we would not post a blog entry such as this, where a writer abuses a fine Belgian ale. But because this is Brian Anderson, who happily translated “Grandpa’s Workshop” for all of us, I am willing to … Continue reading

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