‘The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker’ Historical Reprint Ships Next Week


After fighting printing plant delays for the last eight months, we received good news on Friday. Our historical reprint of “The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker” was complete and being trucked to our warehouse in Indiana – weeks ahead of schedule.

It should arrive Monday or Tuesday. Then the warehouse will start shipping out the pre-publication orders shortly after.

After the book arrives in the warehouse, we’ll also begin selling a special bundle of the historical reprint of the book plus the edition we originally published in 2009 with historical essays and expanded construction information. Look for details and special pricing on that some time next week.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to ‘The Joiner and Cabinet-Maker’ Historical Reprint Ships Next Week

  1. Daniel Williamson says:

    Sweet! Excited to get my hands on it.

  2. Dave Reedy says:

    Well, we won’t loose that on the bookshelf!

  3. Chris, have you all ever run across any of the other books in that “Guide to Trades” series? I have what appears to be a complete catalog list from 1844, but the only other book I ever found digitally was The Printer, and even that seems to have disappeared from Google Books since. Even allowing for the usual advice about not drinking (which with The Printer was, er, loaded) the one on Plumber, Painter, & Glazier, for example, might be an interesting skim.

  4. Richard Mahler says:

    I must have both!

  5. jglen490 says:

    Got it! It’s beautiful, well put together, and a neat old story.

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