Um, Yes, Me on Shop Talk Live


You can hear my voice and see my rolling eyes on today’s Shop Talk Live podcast from Fine Woodworking via this link. The podcast is a 37-minute interview with FWW’s Ben Strano about a variety of topics. Here’s a partially complete list:

  1. Ben’s high school nickname
  2. Me getting bleeped for the first time ever
  3. Why we teach classes at the Lost Art Press storefront
  4. My fears re: FineWoodworkingLive
  5. About my dumb chairs
  6. How I tried to get Matt Bickford and Peter Follansbee drunk to launch a publishing empire
  7. The one weird trick to destroy “social media depression disorder”
  8. Taco talk (actually, they edited this out)
  9. New scrapers from Crucible Tool

Ben’s a great guy and did a good job of making me say silly things. And if you want to hear me say even sillier things, sign up for Fine Woodworking Live. If not for my presentation, then for the talks from the legit presenters. It should be a great weekend.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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14 Responses to Um, Yes, Me on Shop Talk Live

  1. Erik Hinkston says:

    Really enjoyed this, my worlds collided and all was well.

  2. brewerdave says:

    I’m off Twitter for Lent (well, chocolate too), so consider this a like and a RT

  3. johncashman73 says:

    Please, please tell me you took Peter’s axe away before getting him drunk.

  4. Bob Easton says:

    There’s little better than good woodworking talk to start a day. Thanks!

    Since I was already thinking of grinding a curved scraper today, handy for certain woodcarving work, I was eager to see what you’re up to to. Maybe it will be better than what I have in mind? Alas, no new info at Crucible, only the tease in the podcast … and the start of a ticking clock for an interested customer. Maybe this one is months away, or maybe there’s a huge batch of them in the back room ready to be put up for sale?

  5. Jeff says:

    “There was a pre-trig society”.


  6. guadfly says:

    Editing out taco talk is a misdemeanor in Austin.

  7. mike says:

    Do they know the last time you were on a “woodworking” podcast it was gone after 4 episodes (which is too bad because it was an awesome idea)..

  8. Pascal Teste says:

    Very interesting listening to you as always. Your historical approach to the craft and sharing it is truly an inspiration for me in my woodworking. Thank you.

    • Thanks! It’s the only thing I’m half-decent at doing in this world.

      • Andrew Brant says:

        Your consulate modesty is an inspiration. That podcast was a lot of fun. Not enough woodworking podcasts are – especially with Woodtalk ending.

        I think there’s a new rennisiance going on. Matt Kenney’s new podcast is pretty good, I hope it works out. And Mike Pekovich seems to be supporting him. People don’t seem to need the big institutions anymore.

        Like you get into on the podcast some, the big institutional magazines just aren’t as necessary anymore, and with the internet, we know they are full of fluff – carving pigs, and 10,000 router tricks. But now there is room for everyone, and whatever your niche the better. Someone else said it, but ‘woodworking’ was 100 different disciplines 100 years ago – wheelwrights and shipbuilders, carpenters and millers and joiners and turners. Now we, as the students, can find more specific things. It doesn’t have to be, ahem, popular. I built a square, oforu style bathtub – and not much exists out there except a couple YouTube videos, untranslated in Japanese, a Finnish grad student group who wrote a paper on water-holding wood designs from sinks and containers and included in tub (luckily in English) with great, scientific test results, and boat building forums – I just translated it inside out. Just one, very specific, example. And what I made is working, quite well, and taught me a lot along the way. And a lot more that didn’t go into the final design, but I will use later on at some point I’m sure.

        Happy that you, Brendan & Megan are doing well. Let alone Kara, Megan, John & Raney. Or at least I hope so. That you are making the stage you need. Along with everyone else in the ‘industry’. And thank you, as we all benefit.

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