More Wax and a Three-legged Cat


Katherine has just made a good-sized batch of soft wax, which you can purchase in her etsy store – $24 for 8 oz. of wax in a heavy-duty glass jar.

The photo above shows a jar of her wax with her new three-legged cat named Bean. He’s a shelter cat (of course) and he lost his leg after being run over by a car and then delivered to the Kenton County Animal Shelter.

Katherine and Lucy volunteer at the shelter, so you probably know what happened.

Bean is impossibly sweet to everyone. And he – like all animals – refuses pity. We did not need another cat in our house (we have five). But we did need Bean.

Bean craps – a lot. More than many fully grown cats. So purchasing Katy’s wax will ensure an ample supply of kitty litter and deodorizer.

— Christopher Schwarz

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13 Responses to More Wax and a Three-legged Cat

  1. Coop Janitor says:

    Yea for Bean… We have a three legged Snicker. Lost hers climbing out of the chicken cage almost two years ago. She gets tired walking around the block but other wise does great.

  2. Fred Beck says:

    Is there reduced shipping on the cat?

  3. William Bee says:

    Your family seems to have a lot of black cats.

  4. Patrick Kennedy says:

    Hi Chris,

    With cats there is an expensive alternative to clay litter. It is red cedar pellets. It works great and soaks up the urine. How ever it is expensive. A very cheap alternative that we use Is wood stove pellet fuel – sawdust pellets. Same thing just not cedar. Cheap cheap cheap. And goes back to sawdust and biodegrades if you have some where to dump it.


  5. tpobrienjr says:

    Belle – our four-legged Tuxedo cat – says “Hi, Bean!”

  6. Bob Glenn says:

    A beautiful animal. Good on ya.

  7. MichaelRogen says:

    Hi Crisis,
    I’ve had several black cats, one right now, but I also had a three legged Maine Coon. He acted like he had 4 legs. Running around the house like lunatic. I named him “Louie the Leg”. That’s the Brooklyn in me. Bean is a good looking cat. I might have to find one for myself. Every one of the cats we’ve ever had were rescues.

  8. Timothy says:

    I have three cats that run in and out of my shop, one of then likes to climb on my shoulders. Which is fine, except when I’m using an axe…(or whenever I’m swinging something).

  9. I suppose with only three legs, Bean never sits unevenly, as contradictory as that may sound…

  10. Joe P. says:

    can this formula be used with a Polissoir?

  11. David Suggs says:

    Nothing to do with cats, but Katherine’s soft wax makes the shop-cut maple screws in my homemade mahogany Moxon vise turn so sweetly, it’s almost like spinning a metal screw. Thanks!

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