Lump Hammers Back in Stock


We’ve just delivered a large batch of Crucible lump hammers to our Indiana warehouse and they are available for sale and immediate shipment. The price is $85 plus shipping.

These hammer heads are milled out on a CNC, but everything else is done by hand – the surface finishing, the assembly, the detailing. As such, they will exhibit infinitesimal imperfections that are the result of a handmade product. If you are looking for perfectly extruded and plastic perfection, this is not the hammer you are looking for. Try the home center instead.

Each tool is a little different, thanks to the hickory, which has great variations in color, and the hand finishing of the heads, the hand-cut wedge and the hand assembly. I have personally inspected every one of these hammers with my eyes about 1” from the surfaces. They are gorgeous.

— Christopher Schwarz


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14 Responses to Lump Hammers Back in Stock

  1. Mark Fox says:

    I finally got lucky and caught the stock announcement before they all sold out again, and perfect timing since the handle on current bench hammer just split on me Wednesday night.

  2. jpassacantando says:

    I bought one of these hammers when the last batch came available. I really didn’t need another hammer. I have a big Thor like wooden mallet, a round wooden mallet and a couple smithy hammers from flea markets. I just like hammers.

    I put the lump hammer to work for about four hours last Saturday. I was using it to drive Japanese chisels to cut a bunch of mortises, while repeatedly locking down and releasing a holdfast on my bench. It was the best hammer I’ve ever used. I loved driving the chisels with it. The weight seemed just right. And it looks really cool.

  3. Wade Holloway says:

    Wow, sold out in less than 3 hours, bummer.

  4. Tim Fradeneck says:

    I finally talked myself into taking the plunge only to be shorted; in a little over three hours you’ve sold out! Gentlemen this speaks volumes! I’ll have to set a notification for next time.

  5. Matthew Cohn says:

    Any idea when the next batch is going to come through? Missed it again. I had the bad luck of checking right before the announcement went up.

    • Two weeks or so.

    • Mark Fox says:

      Hello Mathew, on the top of this page on the right hand side you can sign up for an Email Subscription for the blog here. When a blog entry is posted, you get an automatic email notification of the post. That’s how I was able to jump on getting a hammer this time around. I got the email notification of the post that hammers were available on my phone and I immediately jumped on and placed an order. Good luck next time!

  6. Aaron White says:

    Dang man! I really need a hammer and don’t want to shell out money to settle on something I don’t want. I was watching the website several times a day and just thought they hadn’t been listed yet. Ever consider pre-orders? I’d love to just put my name on a list instead of salivating over a laptop.

  7. Jack Ince says:

    I have one and they are beautiful; but I’m still looking for the dividers…

  8. Marion J. Ince says:

    You said dividers were going to be available in early 2019- do you have an update?

    • I’m afraid the only update is that we are going to get hammers stabilized before we work on dividers. We’re only a few people. So I don’t have a date.

  9. mndak76 says:

    God dammmmmmmit!!!!
    Missed it again. Here’s a goal – next batch 125….. maybe even 150. Go crazy capitalist. “Greed is good”

  10. Salko Safic says:

    Will you be selling hold fasts again?

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