‘The Essential Woodworker’ is Back in Stock


Robert Wearing’s “The Essential Woodworker” is back in stock in the Lost Art Press online store. We went out of stock last year after a surprising rush of sales on the title.

“The Essential Woodworker” was the second book we published, and it is still one of the first books I recommend to people who want to learn to work with hand tools.

While there are lots of good books that show how to buy the tools and set them up, “The Essential Woodworker” is fantastic because it shows you how the whole system works. Using handsaws, planes and chisels in your work is not just swapping things out for your table saw and sander.

The processes and the order of operations are fundamentally different – especially layout. Once you know when to plane, when to cut joints and when to assemble, then handwork becomes much more efficient. The book is a quick read – mostly hand-drawn illustrations – but it will change the way you think about hand work.

If you haven’t checked out this book, it’s just $29 and available now in our store.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Read this great profile of Robert Wearing by Kara Gebhart Uhl.

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15 Responses to ‘The Essential Woodworker’ is Back in Stock

  1. Andy Kev. says:

    It’s hard to praise The Essential Woodworker enough. Rarely can so much important information have been crammed into so few pages. Rober Wearing is IMO a master of concise writing.


  2. Andy Kev. says:

    Not as concise as me missing the “t” of the end of his name though. Doh!


  3. Stump says:

    Funny…I just grabbed my copy off the shelf before I sat down to the computer and read this. Truly one of the 5 must have books on wood working.


  4. stumpnav says:

    Funny…I just pulled my copy of this book off the shelf before I sat down to check emails and found this email. Easily one of the top 5 books on woodworking and should be part of everyone’s library.


  5. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    I can confirm that this book is awesome.


  6. J A Arrowsmith says:

    Hi – do you not ship to the UK? Or allow pdf downloads? Regards Jill Arrowsmith

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. johncashman73 says:

    How is Wearing doing? It’s been a couple of years.


  8. Daniel Williamson says:

    You guys are “Wearing” me down with all the good titles you have and keep producing.


  9. Greg says:

    Great book…..
    My book is signed by Chris in 2011. How time flies….
    Thanks, Chris

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  10. jleko says:

    Great to know. I put this title on the recommendation list for my upcoming class this summer (https://classes.folkschool.org/class_details.aspx?pk=21612). Would have been problematic if it were out-of-stock/print!


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