Chore Coats – Made in Cincinnati

I’m pleased to announce that our first batch of chore coats stitched by Sew Valley are now available for purchase in our online store.

Based on hard-wearing French work garments from the 20th century, our coat is designed and made entirely in the United States. The fabric is a soft cotton drill, a denim material that has a nice woven texture and takes a beating. It’s flexible and breathable as heck – you can wear this in the shop while sawing or planing. Then dust it off, and it’s nice enough to wear to a restaurant with your spouse.

Because this coat was designed by furniture makers, it has details that only a close examination will reveal. The pockets are reinforced to endure years of wear. The buttons are custom made – they’re debossed with “Lost Art Press” (but only you will notice that). And the interior pocket features the only real branding, an embroidered logo featuring a skep.

We offer this jacket only in black, the traditional color worn by joiners, carpenters and cabinetmakers in France. It’s available in sizes from small to 2XL (see our sizing chart for details). If you plan to wear the coat over a T-shirt, order your typical size. If you are going to layer it over other garments, order a size larger than normal.

I typically wear a size large, but I’m wearing a size XL in the photo because I usually wear a T-shirt and collared shirt under it. Also note that we have made the sleeves longer than typical commercial garments because we think most sleeves are skimpy.

These coats were designed by woodworker and clothing designer Tom Bonamici and stitched by Sew Valley in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. We’re proud to work with these trailblazing individuals who insist that good things can and should be made in this country.

Our coat is $185 plus shipping. If you’re used to buying garments made in the third world, that price might seem expensive. So this coat might not be for you. But if you have ever shopped around for an American-made coat that was individually stitched using domestic materials, you know this is a ridiculously low price.

We have a limited number available for immediate shipment. Click here for more details or to purchase one.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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19 Responses to Chore Coats – Made in Cincinnati

  1. Jim Blank says:

    I see that the comments section were made last February. I am interested in a coat, but
    a little confused that this message I got today is current. Are these for sale now, in 2019,
    or did I get this email somehow by mistake?

  2. mattsanf says:

    I was skeptical of how much I would wear this when I bought one of the first ones. It has turned out to be a favorite that I wear every time I am in the shop.

    • mattsanf says:

      By the way, forgot to mention that it fits well, but I think Chris has long arms…I keep the sleeves cuffed when the body fits me. I like it that way anyway.

  3. jpassacantando says:

    I have one of these coats and love it. Sizing is as LAP says it is. I put it on and I can feel that I am wrapped in an intentional piece of clothing better made than anything else in my closet, including my one suit. It functions beautifully. I use it in another way as well. The late David Binnington Savage in “The Intelligent Hand” described his mind clutter clearing psych up when he was getting ready to draw some new furniture ideas. He detailed the steps he always went through to signal to his mind that this was the real deal, “Sharpen exactly five pencils…” When I put this coat on I am telling myself and my family, “I’m going to the shop,” and I am telling myself, “I can do this.”

  4. Roland Stewart Chapman says:

    Man ! Bugger the coats ! I love the way your trousers hang !

  5. Mine is easily the nicest garment in my closet, even though it’s so rarely in my closet because I wear it constantly. It fits like it was tailored for me and the sleeves are perfection (though Ihave long arms).

  6. I’ve warmed my mule up and placed an order. The chore coat is headed to England!

  7. Mike Siemsen says:

    and who wouldn’t do business with a man with a halo!

  8. Daniel Williamson says:

    Finally got sick of working in the non-temp controlled and not insulated detached garage as my only shop space. Converted a guest bedroom into a hand tool only shop inside, built the knockdown Nicholson for in there, and am working on my first project on it (a pair of high staked stools—also a first for me).

    I turned the vent off in that room to mitigate the dust/shavings swirling around as much as possible. Put my chore coat on last night and got to work since the temps were below zero last night and the room was a bit chilly. It was the perfect amount of temperature comfort, dust repelling properties, sensorial softness, and free range of movement. I highly recommend picking one of these up if you can. It’s a real treat to have, and the price really is outrageously low considering the manufacturing decisions that were made.

    Another fantastic offering from you guys. Well done!

  9. johncashman73 says:

    Chore coats. Phhht. The future is LAP underwear.

    One day soon, you’ll be living upstairs. And, like all inspired woodworkers, you’ll awaken at 3 am with a great idea, and go downstairs to the shop and have at it. In your underwear.

    Except, most of us are doing that below ground. You’ll be in a giant fishbowl. So, you’ll need quality Woodworker undies. I have some ideas on design. But whatever you do, be careful with placement of the pencil holder.

    It’s the great circle of urban living. Not long ago, there were scantily clad women on the street-corner, plying their trade. Soon, there will be scantily clad men inside, plying theirs.

  10. Bert Vanderveen says:

    Supposedly you ship this internationally, but during checkout there is no popup for any other countries than the CUSA. What gives? I need one!

    • Hi Bert. Shipping to Canada is $130. Ridiculous. So we disabled it. You are best finding an American Mule or one of the brokerage services that forward U.S. sales to you. Apologies.

  11. Mike Wodkowski says:

    Is there a return policy in case the fit isn’t right?

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