Registration Now Open for 2019 Summer/Fall Classes

Registration opens at 10 a.m. today (January 21, 2019) for classes during the second half of 2019. Note that the registration form now requests (but does not require) a phone number. It would be helpful to provide that (and to double-check your email address); we’ve had a few emails bounce back…and if I can’t get in touch with a student after repeat attempts, I have to cancel the registration – which I hate to do. Thanks in advance.

If you’ve any questions, shoot me an email at (please do not send questions about classes to the LAP help desk).

French Polishing with Derek Jones (July 11-12)

Build a Sawbench with Megan Fitzpatrick (July 27-28)

Make a Carved Oak Box with Peter Follansbee (July 29-Aug. 2)

Build a Sack-Back Chair with Greg Pennington (Aug. 5-9)

Build an Etau, Benchcrafted’s Hi Vise, with Jameel Abraham (Sept. 6-7

Build a Shaker Candle Stand with Will Myers (Oct. 5-6)

Build a Hanging Wall Cabinet with Anne “of all Trades” Briggs (Oct. 7-11)

Chip Carving with Daniel Clay (Oct. 19-20)

All About Moulding Planes with Matt Bickford (Oct. 26-27)

Greenwood Post-and-Rung Stool with Andy Glenn (Nov. 2-3)

Build a Jennie Alexander Chair with Ray Schwanenbeger (Nov. 4-8)

Build a Sawbench with Megan Fitzpatrick (Nov. 16-17)

Make a Carved Oak Box with Peter Follansbee (Dec. 9-13)

— Fitz

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2 Responses to Registration Now Open for 2019 Summer/Fall Classes

  1. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    You folks generally seem to be thoughtful and careful people, so if I am off base please ignore. I found it a little jarring that you used Jennie Alexander’s name in the title of one of your classes. Jennie is well known in the woodworking community and using her name to advertise a class seems a bit exploitative unless you had/have explicit permission from her and her family. Calling this a “post and rung chair” would surely get the idea across and avoid appropriating Jennie’s reputation to sell a class.


    • fitz says:

      Lost Art Press is working with Jennie’s family and woodworking friends to publish a new edition of “Make a Chair from a Tree,” and this chair is her design. So it seemed inappropriate to me to not credit her.

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