Caption Challenge and the Winner Is…

Happy winner Bill Rainford with his pack horse William.

The winner of a Lost Art Press bandana (man scarf) and Chester Cornett button is ‘speed poet’ Bill Rainford. Within 46 minutes of the posting of the Caption Challenge Bill submitted a four-line poem capturing the pleasures and perils of living in a tree stump:

”There was a young couple who lived in a stump/They had so many children they clearly like to hump/With only one room and only one bed/They should grow an addition as that tree isn’t dead.”

There were 233 entries that arrived before the cut off and there are five that I have selected as Honor Mentions:

Bob Brown submitted, “Man leaves woman in trunk.” A nice murder-mystery vibe and another reminder to me to never buy a very large suitcase.

Samuel Holland submitted, “Why would I ask for a tree bedroom house? It makes no sense.” I like puns and this also reminds me of a guy I ran into once. He kept saying “tree” on the very tree-less waterfront in Jersey.

immltasbi submitted a very short short story that reminded me of Tom Bombadil from ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’: “Let’s cut a tree, to make a home. A branch for spoons and other for the plates…”

Dave was the first to caption ala Chester Cornett: “wey make ur hows ahhom are heit cant B mad.”

Lastly, to award outstanding perseverance, an Honor Mention goes to J.C aka BLZeebub for contributing 14 entries. I want this person on my side in a fork fight.

I will contact the Honorable Mentionees and send you a small thank you for your efforts.

Thanks to all for participating and Happy New Year!

Suzanne Ellison

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12 Responses to Caption Challenge and the Winner Is…

  1. jerrysalishsea says:

    Didn’t think my horse could carry the weight. I guess I was mistaken.

  2. Chris says:

    And Bill’s caption is? I don’t see it anywhere in the post, unless I need more coffee that is…

  3. JS says:

    are there words missing from your “tree”/New Jersey anecdote?

  4. @TheRainford says:

    Awesome, thank you 🙂
    That’s a great photo — I’ll have to print that and put it in the workshop.

  5. Joel Silverman says:

    Donald I thought you said you were stumping for President not a home.

    I know the contest was over but I thought this was appropiate.

  6. immltasbi says:

    Thank you from Greece! Happy new year, to all !! Good health and best wishes!! 🙂
    imml tasbi aka Dimitrios

  7. J.C. aka BLZeebub says:

    I’m good with a spork too, dang it!

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