2019 Classes in London (not Kentucky – England)


I’m not teaching much in 2019, just a few classes here and there. But I couldn’t turn down an offer to teach in London. Yes, the famous London, with the clock. Derek Jones (aka LowFatRoubo) has arranged to run some courses at London Design & Engineering UTC, which has an excellent shop.

Here are the classes and the links. If a class is sold out, you can get on the waiting list here. There is always churn in woodworking classes.

Welsh Stick Armchair — Oct. 21-25, 2019
I probably wouldn’t call this a true Welsh chair; it is more Welsh-ish than anything else. We’ll be building this chair from materials available to a city-dweller, as opposed to a sheep farmer. You don’t need a lot of tools to make this chair, just a few magic tricks.

Staked High Stool — Oct. 28-30, 2019
This class is an excellent introduction to chairmaking principles, including learning to drill compound angles without trigonometry (or even numbers). These stools are built entirely by hand and will introduce you to tapered-tenon construction. You’ll walk away with a completely finished stool and the skills to make 100 more.

— Christopher Schwarz

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3 Responses to 2019 Classes in London (not Kentucky – England)

  1. Bill E Fee says:

    Your blog title reminded me of an incident a few years ago. I had a colleague visit me in Lexington from London, England. When he asked the hotel to get him a international operator to call the UK he was told you don’t need an international operator to call UK.


  2. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    See you in London, Chris! Already booked it! Cheerio!

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  3. Tyler Anderson says:

    London Kentucky is a nice place too, you should consider teaching a class there. I had a great 4 day weekend there when I was young!


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