More Supplemental Material for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’


To make things easier for you, I’ve collected all of the supplemental information I’ve released for “The Anarchist’s Design Book” (so far) into a pdf with a short introduction and an appendix on making your own seat templates.

This is available as a free download to anyone who has purchased “The Anarchist’s Design Book” anywhere in the world. We’re on the “Honorable Tortoise” system here. Don’t download it if you haven’t bought the book.

I’ve arranged all these pages into a book that you take to any “print on demand” service to print and bind it as a book for you. You can also download the color cover for it. Here are the links:



You have my express permission to print out a personal copy or two for yourself. If you sell them, however, I will phone the tortoise.

Here’s what’s in the 70-page supplement:

  1. A short introduction to the sometimes drug-addled world of chairmaking
  2. A chapter on building a Staked High Stool
  3. A chapter on building a Staked Armchair
  4. An appendix on making your own seat patterns for the chair.

I hope you find this information easy to use and interesting.

The next project is a settle chair, which I have been sketching for months now. Like all good chairs, it has a secret code I need to crack that will make building it a cinch.

By the way, our next tool at Crucible Tool will be a Chairmaker’s Decoder Ring.

— Christopher Schwarz

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26 Responses to More Supplemental Material for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

  1. I’m going to call my next band “Honourable Tortoise”. We’ll play a cross between ‘70s martial arts film soundtracks and surf music, while sitting in stick chairs.

    Thanks for sharing the new content, Chris. The new arm chair looks fantastic – undeniably Welsh in origin, but with very “Schwarz” clean lines and minimalist silhouette. Really lovely design.


  2. ikustwood says:

    It’s hard to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. Thank you for all : you deserve all the best!


  3. Merle G Hall says:

    Thank you very much!


  4. Klaus N. Skrudland says:

    Thank you so much! Both the ATC and the ADB have had a large impact on my approach to woodworking. Most important of all is that you, through these books and all the other stuff that you write, make it easy for me to believe in my own skills and possibilities. Your ability to make complex stuff understandable and at the same time provide it with such wit and enthusiasm, is really what makes you stand out in my opinion.


  5. Rudy Everts says:

    Thanks for yet another chapter, Chris. It is like the book that keeps on giving! I appreciate all the work, effort and time that went into this and want to say thank you for being so generous.

    Of course this might all just be a drug dealer trick to have me coming back for more – but it certainly works! Looking forward to seeing your next chapters, and to meeting you in October.

    Kind regards from Munich,


  6. brianjbaxter8 says:

    Chris, Reading staked armchair chapter. on page 31, Drill and Ream leg Mortises. Sentence 3. Do you mean to say: ” tape the bevel to the sight line and drill ….


  7. Bob Adams says:

    Thanks for the supplement. I’m planning on a dining set of 6 chairs.


  8. Kevin VDL says:

    Chris, you mentioned in a previous post that an upcoming chapter is going to be a “boarded mule chest”. What’s a mule chest? I’ve tried Googling it, but too many of the results are cheap furniture stores for me to trust what I am finding.


  9. Kevin VDL says:

    Thank you!


  10. Johnathan says:

    “a burnished hole accepts no glue.” <= easily my favorite sentence from the latest chapter. Perhaps the final printing should have an Appendix of mantras.


  11. Bruno Lücking says:

    This addendum is already almost a book on its own! Thanks Chris for giving us early and free access to these additional chapters! Nevertheless I am not sure, I will resist to buy my second ADB copy once the second edition is out…


  12. Dodie says:

    This is so great. Thank you! I have been stalled at Chapter 6, and the Video for No Fear Chairmaking. I am going to pin this Supplement Cover picture up for motivation to get through to it.


  13. Jonathan Schneider says:

    Something is switched with bindung flow at page 12 not?


  14. ikustwood says:

    Need help for the Veritas tapered tenon cutter.
    I suppose it is a normal fact for everyone out there but… I never did it so… I tried it and it didn’t work at all before I decided to push forward the blade. I did “size” my rod with a spoke shave before. But without pushing the blade nothing was happening . Normal??

    Thank you all for helping .


    • The cutter needs to be sharpened (just like a plane) and then adjusted in the body of the tool to create the cut you desire (also like a plane). After setting up a fair number of these, I have found that the blade needs to be adjusted laterally so the cut is a little heavier near the 5/8″ side (and lighter toward the opening of the tool). That’s my experience at least.


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