Candle Stand (x 9)

This past week I taught a class at the Wood and Shop School on building a Shaker candle stand for the first time. The table we made is pretty much a dead copy of one I measured a few years back at Hancock Shaker Village.

IMG_6960 (2)



photo by Joshua Farnsworth

I was surprised at how well everyone took to cutting the sliding dovetails that attach the legs to the spindle. The fit and and function of the joinery was top notch.

IMG_6894 (2)

Mark Firley of The Furniture Record was not at all impressed with my machine gun pose.


photo by J.F.


photo by J.F.

I have written and done a video on building this table in the past; it is one of my all-time favorite projects. Building this wonderful table with all of its cool little details in a class with a great group students really brought the project full circle for me.

— Will Myers

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5 Responses to Candle Stand (x 9)

  1. I so wish I lived closer to your school so I could take your awesome classes.


  2. Eric R says:

    Great article.
    Great class.
    Great teacher.
    Thanks Will.


  3. Dave D. says:

    What brand of face shield is the student using? Thank you.


  4. Daniel Williamson says:

    That is a sweet slab for the bench on the second picture where the guy is using the spokeshave.


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