Check out the Buttons for the Chore Coat


Tom Bonamici just received our shipment of buttons for our Chore Coat, and they look great.

These buttons will be the only branding on the exterior of the coat. The interior coat pocket will feature a nice embroidered patch.

Dehen 1920 should start stitching the coats soon. We’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. We are sold out of our first run of chore coats. If there is enough demand, we will offer them again in August for an early fall delivery.


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9 Responses to Check out the Buttons for the Chore Coat

  1. Timothy Cripe says:

    Must be me because I missed the first round. Definitely in for the second run.

  2. mmm….. tasty

  3. Loxmyth/Keshlam says:

    I’m still interested in getting one, just disorganized. Let us know when/how to preorder.

  4. John Chernoff says:

    I also missed the order window due to financial planning. I would order one in the next window if it happens.

  5. Johnathan says:

    There are definitely plenty of us waiting for another opportunity, and a fall time frame works perfect. Allows us to plan a little ahead. As quickly as that 300 sold out I think you have hit a fantastic little niche market. I also forwarded it along to other non-WW creative types who liked it but didn’t get a chance to place an order.

  6. Matt says:

    How much for a set of those awesome buttons?

  7. Jim Littiken says:

    You know you made it when you have buttons with your name on them.

  8. jenohdit says:

    I ran into this article tonight and thought of LAP.

    “Perhaps the largest structural economic crisis this country faces — one that encompasses everything else from outsourcing to stagnant wages to the environment — is the decades-long epidemic of cheap crap.”

    The chore coat isn’t for me, but it responds to a question the article poses.
    “What is the solution to the cheap stuff crisis?”

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