The Change of Seasons (Covington Style)


It’s been almost six months since my last haircut and three months since my last shave. This is not intentional. I simply don’t care what I look like or what others think of my visage (hey, a Fancy Lad term!).

But I do notice that as my hair gets longer the people of Covington address me differently.

When I have short hair, they call me “sir” and ask for work. When I have long hair, they call me “brother” and ask for a cigarette. Alas, I have neither.

Today I processed all the stock for the doors for the Horse Garage. My goal is to get these suckers built by Sunday. If you are offended by machine work, please avert your sensitive eyes. While I would love to cut the joints by hand for these doors, I have winter bearing down hard on me. These doors are going together with loose tenons from the Domino XL.


The other project at hand is building a lot of bench accessories for “Ingenious Mechanicks.” Today I modified the Roman bench I built earlier this year so I can straddle it (without feeling like I’m going to the gynecologist) and to add some vises.

I did this by ripping down the top during a visit to the shop at Popular Woodworking Magazine. During the visit, David Lyell asked me why I was doing this. I said:

“So I can add a 14th century Italian twin-screw vise for boatbuilding.”

He busted out laughing like I was joking. I wasn’t.

I should get out more.

— Christopher Schwarz

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21 Responses to The Change of Seasons (Covington Style)

  1. lclement4 says:

    I thought for sure people address you as “Miss” when your hair is long. 😉


  2. Ron says:

    Would you mind posting a few pictures of the doors as you build them? I have three pair of carriage house doors I really should start building.


  3. nordichomey says:

    I love hand work, but… Ripping a dozen 2×4’s for Fluffy’s new rabbit hutch. Not so much.


  4. pfollansbee says:

    Over 4 years since a haircut. 43 years since a shave. They don’t ask me for anything. The solution is to get out less, not more. I took the kids to the library the other day. Large informational display about the proposed new library building, with the header “How We Library” – I stood there and couldn’t take my eyes off it, and just started making my way to berate the librarian at the desk about this new verb…when I decided I better just get back in the car & go home. Told my wife “I shouldn’t go out into the world…”


  5. Alex A. says:

    The carriage doors on my garage are going to need a rebuild soon. I might have to justify a domino XL


  6. Can’t wait to see these doors up


  7. Michael says:

    what’s hiding under the tarp?


    • Matthew Mizner says:

      The shave and a haircut mirror…


    • Mitch Wilson says:

      It’s probably a mirror and the tarp is there so he can’t see himself while he is in the shop.
      Almost eighteen years since my last haircut yet my hair doesn’t even reach my shoulders. No ponytail for me, unfortunately.


  8. Steve C says:

    Visage……is that one of those barf words?


  9. Sean Hynes says:

    So what I’ve taken away from this, is Chris is endorsing Festool… (meaning the hand tool purists, and Festool haters will join forces against CS! Next will be the people claiming CS is in the pocket of Big Powertool!)

    Of course I jest!

    But the Domino is just a loaner, right?


  10. newcomtd says:

    Darn hippies


  11. Scott Taylor says:

    I love my Domino XL… I mean I really love it. It replaced a stationary slot morticer in my shop. Taking the tool to the work versus humping large pieces on the morticer table rated right up there with the flawless dimensioning of $150 a sheet flitch matched walnut ply with a track saw… My #7 has its own shelf but the Festool stuff gets used daily.


  12. davevaness says:

    Wait a few more months and people will give you spare change. Or changement de réserve if you prefer.


  13. Danny Hellyar says:

    Your act of contrition for this new year could be that you send your Domino to XL to me !


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