Closeout on Tremont Cut Nails


Horton Brasses is selling off its stock of Tremont cut nails at a significant discount – 50 percent to 70 percent off depending on the type of nail.

You can start shopping here or read on.

Basically, Horton has slashed prices so most of its stock of cut nails are $6 a pound, with the exception of the expensive cut headless brads, which are $6 for 1/4 lb. (still a good price).

Among the highlights (for me):

Stock up if your credit card can take it. These prices are rare to encounter for new cut nails.

— Christopher Schwarz,

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13 Responses to Closeout on Tremont Cut Nails

  1. Salko Safic says:

    Thanks for the heads up Chris

  2. Johnathan says:

    I am now even further stocked up on nails for years to come! I had to order knobs for my new kitchen anyways, even though I didn’t need to order them for another month or so…

  3. haurykjo says:

    It’s also worth mentioning that Londonderry Brasses is closing its doors soon, as the owner (Nancy) has passed away. So her children are closing out many of their items at present.

  4. mwmanuel says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I saved 60% compared to prices from Canadian suppliers, even with the atrocious exchange rate.

  5. jbakerrower says:

    The Schwarz Curse has happened again… at 10AM, they are already out of half the nails that I tried to order! Still, I’m happy for the ones I was able to get. Thanks Chris

  6. orion Henderson says:

    Hi there…Wanted to give an immediate update on this. As of 10:30 AM or so all nails are off our site. We will be sorting and filling everything possible and update shortly.

    We started the day with 400# or more pounds of nails. I thought that was a lot. Plenty even. I was incorrect. Dramatically incorrect. The vast majority were sold through by 9:00 AM. We could not update the site fast enough.

    Refunds and partial refunds will be forthcoming as soon as we figure out what we have.

  7. anfaith says:

    That was fast. As Jbakerrower said, the Schwarz Curse strikes again. I got my order in six minutes after this was posted. We’ll see if I was one of the lucky ones or will get a refund. Congrats, I guess, to Horton Brasses! You’re 400# pounds of iron lighter now.

    I suspect many were like me, these were a “one of these days” purchase, and when a sale came along, it became a “grab a deal while I can” purchase. Looking forward to my first clenching.

  8. orion Henderson says:

    So just to further update everyone:

    1. Anyone who is receiving a partial order will have the shipping waived.

    2. Balances will be refunded today (for those that used PayPal) or tomorrow (for those that used a card).

    3. The delay on the card refunds is only because we can’t process a refund until the transactions have cleared.

    4. Some orders have been completely cancelled and refunded. There may be a few more at this point, but I think we’ve got most of them.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

    Orion Horton Henderson
    Horton Brasses, Inc.

  9. Richard Mahler says:

    Went to the site as soon as I opened my Lost Art email blog post early this morning. Too late. No cigar!

  10. Eric R says:

    Figures, after I just placed an order…

  11. charlesinsea says:

    I came to the comments section thinking I might complain about Horton pulling a quasi bait and switch after offering flat rate shipping but then not sending half my nails…. But refunding my shipping (immediately!) once they realized they couldn’t fulfill my order is enough to not only satisfy me, but make me a return customer.

    I never would have bought nails from,Horton before (and now I obviously can’t again), but I think I have many future purchases in store for them.

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