New Stickers (Rated PG) from Lost Art Press


For those of you who have enjoyed the Sharpen This series of blog entries, we offer this new set of stickers with a special full-color sticker featuring the expression “Sharpen This.”

For those of you who are disappointed or disgusted by my juvenile behavior, I ask you to simply look away. Scolding me will only encourage an even fouler set of stickers next time. (I’m weird like that.)

These are quality 100 percent vinyl stickers – the larger ones are 5” x 2”. They will survive the outdoors – heck you could put one on your car.

Want a set? You can order them from her etsy store here. They are $6 delivered ($10 for international orders).

Or, for customers in the United States, you can send a $5 bill and a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to by daughter Maddy at:

Stick it to the Man
P.O. Box 3284
Columbus, OH 43210

As always, this is not a money-making venture for me or Lost Art Press. All profits help Maddy squeak through college without debt (and it is going to be close).

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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8 Responses to New Stickers (Rated PG) from Lost Art Press

  1. I am disappointed and disgusted by these stickers… It would be a shame if a future set were more juvenile and I had to order those too.

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  2. rwyoung says:

    I for one welcome our new juvenile sticker overlords.


  3. I’m going to be so mad if the next set involves monkey poo or feathered crotches! That would just ruin my day.


  4. fatfrogdecoys says:

    More crass than disgusting and de rigurer in today’s society, music, culture and politics.

    So, why not? Why shouldn’t the woodworking community go right down the same easy path of crude behavior? Everybody else is doing it. Why not us? And besides it’s to help a young lady as she navigates her way through college. Ends justifies the means, right?

    So, screw it, I am in bitches! Who else is down w this shit?( I can say that because I do it – the rule, right?)

    Have a nice F*cking day! ( the say it do it rule applies here too!?)


  5. charlie says:

    According to Etsy, StickItToTheMan still lags behind AnarchistsDaughter in sales but recent trends show the gap is narrowing. Does AnarchistsDaughter have any thing new in the works to counteract this trend, or, is the company on Holiday for the month of August?


  6. Stickers I’d like to see (with appropriately graphic graphics):

    “I always clock my screws”

    “M&T: It’s like trying to put a fundamentally square peg into a fundamentally square hole”.


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