Soft Wax from the Anarchist’s Daughter


My daughter Katy has an entrepreneurial spirit that is similar to when I started selling “bark jewelry” to neighborhood kids at age 10. Unlike me, Katy is committed to making something useful.

During the last few months, Katy and I have been making soft wax, packaging it in 4 oz. tins and selling it in the Lost Art Press storefront. We sold out of her first batch and have been busily making more this month so we can offer it online.

What is soft wax? It’s a traditional beeswax that is mixed with a significant quantity of solvents to create a wax that is soft and dissolves easily into raw wood. It is best used on the insides of drawers or casework. It imparts a softness and a smell that is pleasing. It also helps lubricate drawers and even wooden vise screws in the workshop.

How do you use it? Easy. Wipe the wax on with a clean cloth. The wax will absorb quickly into raw wood. After five minutes, buff the area with a clean cloth. You are done.

The beeswax provides a thin layer of protection against stains and spills. The solvents (particularly the Georgia turpentine we use) imparts a complex and earthy smell to the work.


All the soft wax is made here in my shop in Fort Mitchell with Katy in control. We melt the cosmetic-grade beeswax in a double boiler so it never reaches more than 140° (F). Then she adds the solvents and dispenses the wax into the metal containers using a turkey baster.

After the wax cools, Katy cleans the containers, adds the lid and affixes the label, which she designed herself.

Each tin is $12 plus domestic shipping.

While we hope you will try the soft wax, the bigger hope is that you will see its value and make it for yourself. That’s why we provide the recipe we use here. It easy to make.

If you are interested in trying soft wax before you make some yourself, Katy’s etsy store can be accessed here. She’s made about 40 tins in the last couple weeks. If we sell out, she’ll make more.

Thanks in advance for your business and your patience as Katy launches her first business.

— Christopher Schwarz


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16 Responses to Soft Wax from the Anarchist’s Daughter

  1. steverennells says:

    Just ordered two. Congrats to Katy on her venture. Can’t wait to try the wax!

  2. Bill Clift says:

    Bought 3. I think it’s great that she is getting enterprenurial experience at such a young age. Very professional looking packaging by the way.

  3. Now if she can corner the sheep liposuction tallow market.

  4. abtuser says:

    Gone in 60 seconds. Darn.

  5. armerlo says:

    Quick question. In this entry it says to wait 5 minutes before buffing, but in the recipe entry it says 15. Which is it, or does it not matter?

  6. waltamb says:

    Congrats to Katy, next up… Lip Balm or Liquid Soap Polish.

  7. michael Price says:

    I want to order a couple tins but cannot figure out how or where to order it, not real good at this on line stuff a bit of a dinosaur I admit. Would you point me in the right direction? Thank you, Michael J. Price

  8. Robert Casey says:

    I would like to ask you about your wax. I do cutting boards and finish them with mineral oil I was wondering if I might also use your soft wax in conjunction with the mineral oil, for a smoother finish do you have a proportion figured out maybe 50/50 mix .Also is it food safe. Thank you Good luck with your venture

    Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 23:33:23 +0000 To:

  9. adumbiam says:

    go Katy! Inspired by this idea for my own family…

    Also, the hot solvent might smell good, but please consider a respirator w/ carbon pack if sales stay strong… (Sorry, just concerned, not trying to be safety police)

  10. Chris Haynes says:

    I want some wax!! I signed up on Etsy. Do I just send her a message? I couldn’t figure out how to purchase.

  11. tyleriowan says:

    Could you use it with a polisour or is that a waste of effort?

  12. You have a very interesting business model. Make a product to sell, but then encourage others to put you out of business by making it themselves and even teaching them how to do so. I guess that’s what makes you an anarchist…

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