Profile of Toolmaker Chris Vesper


Popular Woodworking Magazine has just posted a profile I wrote on toolmaker Chris Vesper in 2013. Chris is a fantastic toolmaker in Australia and makes the world’s best sliding bevel, which has saved my coochie many times.

Check out the profile here. It’s free.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to Profile of Toolmaker Chris Vesper

  1. tsstahl says:

    Great guy. Very hard on himself. I was holding one of his squares, kicking the tires while contemplating purchasing it. He noticed something about the square and politely snatched it out of my hand saying he couldn’t sell that on in that condition. I don’t remember the exact quote because he used an unfamiliar Australian saying. Anyway, I couldn’t see any defect and with or without the flaw, it was still a beautiful square.

    Chris (Vesper), if you are reading this, I’ll still be the first one to buy any 4″ or 6″ aluminum infill squares you build. 🙂

  2. Franky says:

    I thought I knew what ‘square’ was until I met Chris. There is only one standard by which ‘square’ can be judged. That standard is Chris Vesper.

    CDO is OCD in alphabetical order as it should be – fact I believe Chris also knows.

  3. Lots of makers make bevels and squares today. The standard by which all others are measured is Vesper! Quite simply the best on the planet!

  4. Niels Cosman says:

    In the toolmaking art, his tools are tops!

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