Win a Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest (and the Tools)


People ask me what I do with all the tool chests I’ve built while teaching classes during the last five years. The quick answer: I sell them, of course. Sometimes I’ll sell a partially completed shell for $300 to $500. Finished and fully fitted chests with custom blacksmith hardware fetch $3,600 to $4,000.

(Yes, it was weird at first selling tool chests to woodworkers. But Lucy and I are happy for the business, especially now that my oldest daughter is in college.)

This summer I built my last Anarchist’s Tool Chest for the foreseeable future while teaching a class at David Savage’s Rowden workshop in Devon. I built the chest entirely by hand, including all the interior fittings, hinges and lock. I painted it black. Darren Millman, Savage’s right-hand man, made the veneered panel for the lid.

It’s a pretty good piece of work, considering it was produced by a jet-lagged American trying to teach a class of 18 students and build a chest in a week.

Savage is giving this chest away to one fortunate young maker in the UK. He’s filling it with tools. And you’ll get a course at his very excellent workshop.

Entering is easy. Check out this entry on Savage’s blog. And please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to Win a Traveling Anarchist’s Tool Chest (and the Tools)

  1. Aaron says:

    Great I’m so excited, now all I have to do is get in a time machine and go back to when i was younger than twenty five and give my younger self the time machine and travel to the future (now) and move to England and apply Just that simple. 🙂

  2. Mark Frye says:

    Full fitted – you mean fitted with your recommended too list too?

  3. mrogen says:

    I have a question regarding a small Dutch tool chest. Please get in touch whenever you’ve a free nanosecond.

    Thank you,

    • tsstahl says:

      PMFJI (pardon me for jutting in). The previous blog entry was about Chris being pressed for time. Others have built the Dutch chests and may be able to answer your question, especially in the nascent forum. 🙂 I hope this doesn’t come off as too prickish.

  4. channon4 says:

    Chris With a daughter, make and sell lots of chests!

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