Update on Books, T-shirts & Chairs

Here are a few quick updates from Lost Art Press:

• “Mouldings in Practice” shipped today from the Michigan printing plant. If history and the trucking industry hold constant, we should receive the books on Monday. Today we received our order of 1,000 boxes, a case of industrial tape and 1,000 mailing labels (guard cat not included). We are ready to mail.

• We still have about 25 open orders for “Chisel, Mallet, Plane and Saw.” The books are on the way from the author, and we apologize for the delay. As soon as the books arrive (Saturday or Monday) we will dispatch your order.

• We have restocked on Lost Art Press T-shirts and have all the sizes in stock. Those of you who are waiting for T-shirts in size large will be getting your shirts soon. I’m headed down to mail them in a few minutes.

• And for those of you who have ordered a custom Roorkhee Chair: The legs are roughed out and I’ll turn them tomorrow.

More news to come next week, including a new book project and something else. I have not been drinking enough beer to tell you what that is. Sorry.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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21 Responses to Update on Books, T-shirts & Chairs

  1. Ben St. John says:

    Whose hi-hat?

  2. Robert Justiana says:

    Drink more beer. Dehydration is bad for you.

    • Rob Fisher says:

      I second the more beer!

    • Joe N. says:

      Alcohol actually dehydrates you – pleasantly, but it dehydrates nonetheless. That’s why the idea of alcohol being in a St. Bernards’ collar barrel as it “rescues” you is silly and only folklore.
      It’s also considered a depressant no matter how silly it makes you!

      • Mark Dorman says:

        Look forward to the the book thanks for the update.
        To fight the dehydration I mixed Evereclear with Gatorade. We called it Everglade.
        Nasty stuff and I don’t know if it helped the hydration but you didn’t care.

    • Patrick says:

      Mmmm …. Beer.

  3. Seamus says:

    Cat’s name is Rimshot?


  4. rmcnabb says:

    Do you play the cymbal while planing and watering your plant? By the way, my book is the one on top, so go ahead and send it out first. Thanks. 😉

  5. josh frey says:

    Just a bit of advice from someone who works in the shipping world…Uline is a giant rip off. There are a lot of smaller suppliers that can save you a ton on shipping materials. You are likely to pay twice the price on most products from them.

    • lostartpress says:


      We have used other companies for our supplies and I know you are 100 percent correct. However, no one yet has been able to beat the fact that Uline always has what we want and gets it here the next day. And they treat us like any other customer — that is, they actually respond to questions. Our local box providers are definitely lacking when it comes to servicing a small account like LAP.

      But we are always looking….

      • josh frey says:

        If you use a standard size for all your products and have a spot to store two skids you can get custom printed boxes from International paper in Ohio for a third of the price from uline even with the plate charge. I am pretty sure as long as you order 500 at a time you can still save. Also for standard sizes I have had good luck with Grove box company in Dayton, OH, but I am not sure if they deliver to KY.

  6. michael says:

    Don’t use Uline!! that’s all I can say!! even staples are cheaper!!

  7. Michael Morin says:

    Beer is good!😉

  8. It would be a crime if that cat got stuck in a box, put in the mail with no return address, and sent into the ether.

    I’m just sayin’.

  9. James McCoy says:

    I finished reading CMPS a couple days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for making it available to us. I am anxiously awaiting MIP, especially after reading the teaser chapter you provided. My LAP book collection is starting to take up a significant section of my woodworking bookshelves. Can’t wait to hear about the new book project. And by all means, have a beer or three.


  10. Tadd Wilson says:

    Is the cymbal to keep everyone working? Like the drummer on the slave ship in Ben Hur? “Packing Speed!!!”

  11. coredog says:

    Is that a workbench on your porch? Sweet.

  12. stanberryk says:

    Have another on me.

  13. Publius Secundus says:

    Bought that cool old building, did you?

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