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Ignore the Yeti; Come for the Food

Next month I’m conducting a two-day seminar on building a Dutch tool chest for the Alabama Woodworkers Guild in Maylene, Ala. During Feb. 14-15, I’ll build a Dutch tool chest and demonstrate all the hand-tool techniques so you can make … Continue reading

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Where I’m Teaching in 2015

Here is a complete (I hope) list of everywhere I’m teaching in the coming year. Despite my personal hermit tendencies, I teach in-person classes because they work. A week (or weekend) of focused instruction, bathroom humor, critical review and work, … Continue reading

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Build a Workbench in 2015: Two Classes

One of the best reasons to build a workbench at a school is to take advantage of the industrial-scale machinery and the strong backs of your fellow students. Oh, and your workbench is done in just a week. In 2015, … Continue reading

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‘A Bad Influence’

Every time I teach at Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s School,” he gives me a rash of crap for two things: my waterstones and my plastic, pressurized plant sprayer that I use to moisten my stones. He now begrudgingly ignores my … Continue reading

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Summer School with David Savage

If I have only one complaint about my life, it is that with all the teaching, writing and building that I do, I have no time left to take woodworking courses for myself. I don’t drool over tool catalogs. My … Continue reading

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Tool Donations for the Baby Anarchists

Thanks to everyone who has sent tools and money for the 18 new hand-tool woodworkers I’ll be teaching at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking next year. Your tax-deductible donations have already paid for five (almost six) of the students. … Continue reading

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4 Workbench Classes, 3 Continents

I’ll never know the pain of childbearing, but I think I know the next-closest thing: bench building. That why I include a full bottle of ibuprofen on the list of tools needed for my bench-building classes. Students think I’m kidding … Continue reading

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