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It’s Handplane Inoculation Season

Yesterday, Thomas Lie-Nielsen and I finished teaching a weekend class that introduced the students to handplanes – how to sharpen, tune and use them. Curiously, the class wrapped up a couple of hours earlier than usual, and we’d covered more … Continue reading

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Hand-tool Classes for New Woodworkers – How You Can Help

Since I announced the two discounted classes I’m teaching in 2015 for young adults, I’ve received many offers of assistance – everything from cash to tools to food. First off: Thank you. Your generosity is much appreciated. After discussing these … Continue reading

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Discount Classes for the New Hand-tool Anarchist

During the last 10 years, my students have gotten younger and younger each year. When I started teaching, most students were retired and well-off. These days, most of my students are younger than me – including many in their late … Continue reading

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Materials & Tools for the Knockdown Nicholson Workbench

I’m teaching two classes in building the Knockdown Nicholson Workbench in 2015 (details on the locations to come) and needed to prepare a list of materials and tools for the students. Because I received an S+ in “Sharing” in kindergarten, … Continue reading

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Still Spots Available in the San Diego Presentation

Got two days free in Southern California? Wanna see a guy make a campaign trunk by hand? There are still seats available in my two-day presentation for the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association seminar this Saturday and Sunday. I’m building … Continue reading

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Keeping Bloody Promises to Detroit

Last Saturday I gave a day-long seminar to the Michigan Woodworkers Guild that was a bit of a disaster. I started with a sharpening demonstration. First thing: I picked up my #1,000-grit waterstone; it slipped from my hand and cracked … Continue reading

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New Sawbench Class at Highland Woodworking

This January I’m teaching a new two-day class at Highland Woodworking in Atlanta on building sawbenches using Windsor-chair techniques. The class will run Jan. 17-18, 2015; registration is open and through the Highland Woodworking site here. I’m excited to teach … Continue reading

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