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On the Importance of the Studley Tool Chest

During the last five years, I’ve had more than my share of intimate contact with the famous H.O. Studley tool cabinet. And so wherever I travel I get asked this question: “What’s it like?” So I lie. “I hate it,” … Continue reading

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It’s Wednesday. It’s Almost Time For…

… “The History of Wood.” Coming soon: Accessories for your chamber pot.

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From (Fictional) Workshop to Trump Hotel

The picture above is the clock tower of the Old Post Office building at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave. and 12th Street in Washington, D.C. Calvin Cobb’s workshop is behind the clock faces – so in his shop, he says, … Continue reading

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Furnishing the Great Outdoors

I am embarking on a project to (slowly) repopulate my deck with a better grade of furniture. First up is a pair of small folding tables. The design is adapted from one published a few years ago in Popular Woodworking. … Continue reading

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Plane maintenance

The handful of you who witnessed the incident during the Midwest Woodworking wood sale already know that my block plane spontaneously disassembled while I was using it to check out some 8/4 incense cedar, with the various components flying out … Continue reading

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Studley Tool Chest Exhibit FAQs

With the exhibit of the Studley Tool Chest and Workbench only nine months away (May 15-17, 2015, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa), I find myself fielding a lot of similar questions in email and conversations. So I took the time to … Continue reading

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Where Wood Comes From

For most people, the phrase “tropical hardwoods” conjures up a fuzzy image of some faraway jungle-like scene, in sort of the way that we understand the origin of the food in our supermarkets (hint: it does not come prepackaged). In … Continue reading

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