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How’s Your German?

Thanks to everyone who replied. We received more than 25 offers of help. I’ll start sorting through them tonight. — Christopher Schwarz

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Get Help at

OK, I’m trying not to sound like a stupid airbag recall letter here. We take customer service stuff dang seriously at Lost Art Press. We try to get back to everyone in less than 24 hours unless we’re on a … Continue reading

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Advice on Workshop Walls

I’ve set up several workshops from scratch, and I’ve studied a lot of modern shops and how they are put together. If you get to frame your own walls, I recommend a couple easy modifications that can make life easier. … Continue reading

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To the Stables

Last night I freaked out a little in my pants. Like a knot in a becket it was. My sphincter’s implosion upon its poor self came about when I looked up from the stud wall we were building in the … Continue reading

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Get to Know Charles H. Hayward, Part II

Charles H. Hayward was one of the greats. As editor of The Woodworker magazine he was the standard-bearer for handwork in the 20th century. We have spent eight years scanning and editing his work to present two volumes of “The … Continue reading

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The Lost Art Press Spider Cave

After working with dozens of woodworking authors and editors, I can tell you why most mistakes occur in woodworking books, magazines and blogs. They are caused by interruptions. If you are writing down numbers, dimensioning a drawing or explaining a … Continue reading

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Retailers for ‘The Anarchist’s Design Book’

After a crisis involving the endsheets in “The Anarchist’s Design Book,” we are back on track with the production process and the book is expected to be released on time in late February or early March. Just a reminder that … Continue reading

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