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The History of (Late)Wood, Part 6

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About Me & Woodworking in America

It’s a strange world where I need to write a blog entry about this topic. Recently Editor Megan Fitzpatrick and I have been getting e-mails and phone calls with this basic question: “Why isn’t Schwarz going to Woodworking in America?” … Continue reading

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The Benchbuilder’s Poker

In “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” I call out the thickness planer and the band saw as the two most useful pieces of machinery in a shop that is focused on furniture. But as someone who builds lots of workbenches, I … Continue reading

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Router Plane Fix

The old Stanley router plane turned up in the mail from a colleague in the States a while back, the box a little crunched and the threaded adjustment shaft was bent. Not a huge problem, but the thing was that … Continue reading

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But is it dry enough?

I’ve expended quite a few electrons recently, demonstrating that the “one year per inch of thickness” drying rule-of-thumb doesn’t work with thick slabs, both in terms of actual experience and in theoretical models of how wood dries. But that begs … Continue reading

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Note on Delivery of Orders

First, I want to thank everyone for your continued support for our products, and your patience as we experience growing pains. We will always strive to put out the best material in the best form and get it to you … Continue reading

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Water vs. Wood, grudge match

Chris gives you geometry homework; I give you partial differential equations: This is the diffusion equation. It’s often called the heat equation, because it also models the diffusion of heat through a solid. And you’ll sometimes see it as Fick’s … Continue reading

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There are no bluebirds in India

Did I hear someone say, “campaign birdhouse”? – Steve Schafer

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What Would be the Danger?

John looked under the bench and found a piece of wood which he thought would do for a wedge, only the end wanted sharpening. “Shall I take your broad chisel and sharpen it?” said he. “No,” said Ebenezer. “I have … Continue reading

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Ready to Ship: Campaign Furniture T-shirts & Tribolts

While we’re a few weeks away from the release date of our “Campaign Furniture” book, we already have the related T-shirts and hardware in stock and ready to ship. Here are the details and links for these items. Both items … Continue reading

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