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This is Where we Fight about ‘Fishtails’

Here is joint I have not encountered yet. I suppose they are technically dovetails, but I think the construction looks more like tails of fish. Paul Windle-Taylor of Brittany, France, discovered them at the back of the bottom drawer of … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones and Naked Gnats

In our household, we have offered the following guideline to our young girls: Words are not weapons. The only way that words can hurt you is if you let them hurt you. So, as you can imagine, we allow complete … Continue reading

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No More Crack!

What’s wrong with this picture? I have found a number of ways to crack the stuff I am working on. Namely half-blind tail sockets in the drawer fronts. I have been chopping them out and been cracking the board. The … Continue reading

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Dovetail Sawing for Non-professionals

After requests from several readers, here is a short video showing how I teach beginning sawyers how to cut pins. Some things to understand before watching this video. 1. We gang-cut the tails first and then transferred the shape of … Continue reading

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My Supreme Suckage: Hand Mortising

Other bloggers are wary of pulling down their pants. Not me. I suck at a lot of things, but I really and truly suck at mortising by hand. The problem isn’t really my results – I can get a clean, … Continue reading

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Real-work Repair

I’m sure you’ve heard this: What separates a good woodworker from a great one is his or her ability to hide mistakes. Which is complete and utter crap in my opinion. The really fantastic woodworkers I have worked with don’t … Continue reading

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Mailbag: How to Dress a Tabletop

I am asked the following question a lot – that usually means I should answer it. Question: I am building a trestle table based on the one you built. I have a dumb question. I was lucky enough to find … Continue reading

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