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Melencolia Square, Part 6: From the Grave

One of the earliest images of a try square that I know of is a carpenter from the tomb of Rekhmire in Egypt, a New Kingdom official from the 18th dynasty (1543-1292 BC). The image shows a carpenter in a … Continue reading

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Hardware Choices for the Dutch Tool Chest

If you are building a Dutch Tool Chest, you have a number of good choices when it comes to the hardware. Here is some of the hardware I’ve had success with. Black Bear Forge. John Switzer, the blacksmith at Black … Continue reading

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Melencolia Square, Part 4: Look for a Sign

One of the signs that this near-vanished square was an important part of the woodworker’s kit is that it was used in signs and heraldry related to the craft. The above image is the Cabinetmakers Coat of arms of the … Continue reading

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Melencolia Square, Part 3: Construction

When I look at the moulded grip of one of these now-uncommon squares, several thoughts surface again and again. 1. The moulded stock looks like an offcut. Could it be a section of bannister? 2. I’ve never seen a bannister … Continue reading

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Folding Campaign Bookcase Complete

For the last seven weeks I’ve been building this folding campaign bookcase using sapele I purchased from the dearly departed Midwest Woodworking. My logbook says I have about 50 hours in the project. It took seven weeks because I was … Continue reading

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Time to Stop and Smell the Sapele

Tucked between my trips to both coasts and editing Peter Galbert’s in-fricking-credible book on chairmaking I’ve been building this folding campaign bookcase in sapele for an article in Popular Woodworking Magazine. The bookcase looks so simple: two boxes that are … Continue reading

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A Fancier Base for a 6-board Chest

While the six-board chest is a simple form, there are some variants that make the chest look more high-style, like it might have a fancy bracket-foot base. Today I decided to convert the chest I built for the Alabama Woodworkers … Continue reading

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