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This Try Square is a Little Bit of BS

To reward myself for finishing my edit of the translated text of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry,” I spent the morning in the shop finishing a try square that had no connection whatsoever to Roubo or … Continue reading

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More Roubo – in Wood, Not Words

I finished up an Andre Roubo try square last night – this one in row-grain mahogany, The funny thing about this square is that it is the first one I’ve made in a species that Roubo himself might actually have … Continue reading

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Ty Black Builds a Work Table for a Tough Customer

So I received this commission from my wife that starts like this: “When are you going to make something for me that I want? I mean I appreciate the Roubo bookstand but it’s too fancy with all the curves at … Continue reading

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The Driving Dutchman

When measuring my car and drawing up the plans for my first Dutch chest, I forgot two things: the handles and the caster assembly. Which means, as you probably can guess, that the chest does not fit in my car. … Continue reading

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Another Workbench? Seriously? (Eyeroll) Wait, Two?

Several years ago during a breakfast with some woodworkers, I floated the idea of a workbench for the woodworker without a shop. In essence, it was going to be like the Hammacher Schlemmer “Gnome Brand” of workbench – a nice … Continue reading

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The 2012 Sawbench in 60 Minutes or Less (or More)

People gripe about my plans for sawbenches. They require too many tools, skills or shop time to complete. These are not baseless complaints: The first sawbench I built incorporated drawbored and wedged through-tenons. It’s an awesome beast that will never … Continue reading

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Different Hardware for ‘The Schoolbox’

After building a half-dozen versions of The Schoolbox from “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker,” I’m beginning to dial in the design of the small chest to suit my taste. I am still enamored with the overall proportions and scale of … Continue reading

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I Can’t Find the Item Number for That

One of the few truths in woodworking is this: The hardware you choose is as important as the boards you select, the joinery you use and the finish you apply. Cheap, mismatched or poorly scaled hardware will ruin a piece … Continue reading

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Gallons of Garbage

Last year my spouse did something completely insane for my birthday: She bought me something I asked for (but I really should not have). It was a used bourbon barrel – white oak, banded in steel hoops and charred on … Continue reading

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Footwork and Casework

One of the interesting things about the “Joiner and Cabinet Maker” are the construction details you can find in almost every sentence. I’ve read the book at least six times now, and every time I dip into the text I … Continue reading

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