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Download or Physical Book? Which is Better for the Author?

Several readers have asked us this considerate question: Does the author of a Lost Art Press book make more money when someone buys a physical book or a downloaded book? The answer is: With Lost Art Press books, the author … Continue reading

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Lost Art Press Ethics Statement

Our company has grown a lot since 2007, and we now have a lot of first-time customers, commenters and readers. So I want to repeat some of the core principles here at Lost Art Press for those of you who … Continue reading

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‘Lost Art Press’ on The Highland Woodworker

From where you are sitting, I am sure there are times I look like a media harlot. Sweet mother of mystery, I get tired of seeing my name, image and videos spread all over the Internet. So I can only … Continue reading

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‘Um, Yeah, You’re a Real Business’

When we started Lost Art Press in 2007, our goals were simple: Print books that we want to read. Keep the overhead as low as possible. Don’t borrow money. Don’t do something stupid to overextend ourselves. So John Hoffman and … Continue reading

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International Downloads, PayPal & Other Boring Stuff

We now accept PayPal for all orders placed through the Lost Art Press store – that’s in addition to Visa, Mastercard and American Express. So if you’ve been hoarding money in a PayPal account, we have another way for you … Continue reading

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Ready to Ship: Campaign Furniture T-shirts & Tribolts

While we’re a few weeks away from the release date of our “Campaign Furniture” book, we already have the related T-shirts and hardware in stock and ready to ship. Here are the details and links for these items. Both items … Continue reading

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New DVD: Six Board Chest

We’ve just received our stock of the “Six Board Chest” DVD I shot with Lie-Nielsen in 2012. It’s my second “long-form” DVD at 120 minutes long and is focused as much on the techniques as the chest itself. And there … Continue reading

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