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International Jack Plane Day

If weasels, doughnuts and diseases can have an official day, then why not the jack plane? I’d be hard-pressed to name a plane that is more useful to me (the block plane would be in second place). My $12 jack … Continue reading

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Chipbreaker-setting Trick

Rhett Fulkerson of Nice Planes in Frankfort, Ky., showed me a cool trick for setting a chipbreaker quickly, precisely and perfectly parallel to the cutting edge. Take a feeler gauge whose thickness is equal to the distance you want to … Continue reading

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Meet Caleb James, Planemaker

The world needs more wooden planemakers – it can be difficult to find vintage hollows and rounds and complex moulders that don’t need serious work (or are hopeless). Matt Bickford has his hands full; Old Street Tool isn’t taking new … Continue reading

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After 10 Years, My Miter Plane Returns

In 2004, I purchased my first-ever custom anything. A handplane. It was a ridiculous financial move. I had two young daughters (age 7 and 2), a low-level editing job and almost no disposable income. Lucy and I were throwing every … Continue reading

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Wayne Anderson’s Newest Plane, $600

Planemaker Wayne Anderson has developed a beautiful infill smoothing plane that is – for custom work – remarkably affordable at $600. I ran into Wayne this weekend at the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association meeting in Medina, Minn., and he showed … Continue reading

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Another Way to Tame Tear-out

Deneb Puchalski of Lie-Nielsen Toolworks uses a toothing iron to deal with materials that are difficult to plane. He first tooths the surface and then removes the toothing with a fine-set plane, usually a low-angle jack plane. A few years … Continue reading

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The Answer is – Regrettably – Pliers

Planes with movable fences, such as plows and rabbets, have two major defects. 1. In wooden-bodied planes, the fence can be tricky to adjust parallel to the tool’s skate or sidewall. An out-of-square fence can create some horrific results on … Continue reading

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