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Sharpening a Plane

A GREAT MANY men who use as common a tool as a plane cannot do a good job in keeping the tool in order. It is quite a knack to sharpen a plane in good shape, especially to set an … Continue reading

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This Unrighteous System

New-York, February 12th, 1842. Sir – I have the honor of being in the receipt of your circular requesting information in relation to the effect which the introduction of the manufacturing of planes, in the prisons at Auburn and Sing-Sing, … Continue reading

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Wood Bench Planes

Many of the best mechanics prefer the Wood Bench Planes to the Iron and combination iron and wood planes, but have been compelled to use the latter, owing to the poor quality of the wood bench planes commonly sold. The … Continue reading

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An Unusual Rebate Plane Worth Investigating

  While conducting a plane-tuning seminar on Wednesday with toolmaker extraordinaire Chris Vesper, I got the opportunity to pick through his tool collection. I had no idea he was a tool collector. He is. And he has devoted about one-third … Continue reading

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Mailbag: How to Dress a Tabletop

I am asked the following question a lot – that usually means I should answer it. Question: I am building a trestle table based on the one you built. I have a dumb question. I was lucky enough to find … Continue reading

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New Products at Woodcraft Show a Change

Woodcraft Supply LLC caught a rash of criticism in recent years for introducing tools that were Chinese-made copies of current American-made tools. First Woodcraft started carrying hammers that were obvious copies of the Glen-Drake hammers. Then the company introduced its … Continue reading

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How to (Really) Set up a Premium Handplane

In the last month I’ve received a lot of e-mails about an article and video from Fine Woodworking magazine about how to set up a new handplane. The e-mails all had the same question: Is this true? Should I really … Continue reading

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The Winner of Our Haiku Contest

Thanks to Megan Fitzpatrick at Popular Woodworking Magazine, we have a winner of our Lost Art Press haiku contest. I had to call upon Megan to judge the entries because all the haikus I liked had to do with “poo.” … Continue reading

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Win My Souped-up &%$#%^&* Handplane — a Haiku contest

When I first dove into handwork, I could barely afford diapers, wipes and formula – never mind a nice Bed Rock or infill handplane (this was before we had premium bench planes). So I bought all my planes at antique … Continue reading

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‘Do you want me to deprioritize my current reports until you advise me of a status upgrade?’

Here are some short updates on projects in the works at Lost Art Press. 1. “Grandpa’s Workshop” is in its final stages at the printer and should be on its way to us in the next week. Free shipping for … Continue reading

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