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Stanley Handplane Instructions, Circa 1968

Stanley Works used to publish a brilliant booklet called the “Tool Guide” that contained miniature posters that offered instruction on setup, care and use of hand tools. These booklets weren’t just for woodworkers – you can learn to rivet and … Continue reading

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Way Before James Krenov

While researching some crazy bit of something, I stumbled on this description and drawing of Silcock and Lowe’s Patent Planes from the 1844 edition of Mechanics’ Magazine in England. I read it. Then I read it again. Indeed. They are … Continue reading

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Beading Planes from Caleb James

Fair warning: If you read this blog entry you might end up with a dog that has decorative details. If you build furniture of a traditional sort, you should consider owning some beading planes. While beading planes are (in general) … Continue reading

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You Aren’t Sharpening Enough (And I’m not, Either)

If a students shows me a tool during class and asks: “Should I s….” I cut them off. “Yes.” I have found that when you ask yourself if a tool is dull, the poor pathetic thing is way past being … Continue reading

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‘Handplane Essentials’ Going out of Print

I’ve just been informed that my book “Handplane Essentials” (F+W Media) will not be reprinted, either in paperback or hardbound. It will, however, continue to be available as a downloadable pdf. So the following announcement is a public service. Full … Continue reading

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It’s Handplane Inoculation Season

Yesterday, Thomas Lie-Nielsen and I finished teaching a weekend class that introduced the students to handplanes – how to sharpen, tune and use them. Curiously, the class wrapped up a couple of hours earlier than usual, and we’d covered more … Continue reading

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Fitting a Blade and Back Iron to the Body

  Part 4 of a British Introduction to Japanese Planes Fitting the blade and back iron to the body is a fiddle, but not difficult. What you need is a good bench light and a graphite pencil or graphite stick. … Continue reading

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