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‘By Hand & Eye’ Animations

Here you can download the geometry animations discussed in “By Hand & Eye” by George Walker and Jim Tolpin. There are a variety of ways to download them to your computer or watch them. Download the following .zip file. After … Continue reading

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True Grit II: A Chart for Deciphering Sharpening Gear

Pure opinion: Buying sharpening stuff would be easier if manufacturers used microns to describe the particle size of the abrasive in each product. While microns isn’t a perfect description, it’s a heck of a lot better than saying a stone … Continue reading

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Download: Free Plans for the Knockdown Nicholson Workbench

Thanks to woodworker Donna R. Hill, you can download a free SketchUp drawing – or a pdf version – of the knockdown workbench I built a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the video in case you missed it. Donna (some … Continue reading

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Download or Physical Book? Which is Better for the Author?

Several readers have asked us this considerate question: Does the author of a Lost Art Press book make more money when someone buys a physical book or a downloaded book? The answer is: With Lost Art Press books, the author … Continue reading

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Look at the Cushion on that One

It’s a remarkably slow weekend here in our house, so while waiting for some servers to wake up and get busy on our new Lost Art Press web site, I pulled together another short booklet of images for you to … Continue reading

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Chests You May (and Should) Stare at

I am sorry that I gave you geometry homework yesterday. To make it up to you, I cobbled together a 60-page document of more than 100 campaign chests, plus construction and hardware details. You can download the pdf document here: … Continue reading

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Our Christmas Gift to You: Practical Geometry

Every year we try to offer our readers a little gift during the holidays. Last year was an mp3 of “The Irish Joiner,” before that was Henry Adams’ rare “Joints in Woodwork.” This year, we offer you lateness. John Hoffman … Continue reading

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