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New DVD: Six Board Chest

We’ve just received our stock of the “Six Board Chest” DVD I shot with Lie-Nielsen in 2012. It’s my second “long-form” DVD at 120 minutes long and is focused as much on the techniques as the chest itself. And there … Continue reading

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Cool Joinery on this Settle

Mark Firley of The Furniture Record sent me some photos of a couple of high-back settles he’s encountered in his travels. One of them has a curved seat and back, like the example I showed yesterday. But even more interesting … Continue reading

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Upcoming Projects from ‘The Furniture of Necessity’

Though I haven’t been writing much about it, work has continued on my next book, “The Furniture of Necessity.” It’s still too far away to predict its publication date, but things are falling into place to make a type of … Continue reading

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Now that I have completed the first and most intense step of editing and annotating the raw transliteration manuscript for “To Make as Perfectly As Possible: Roubo on Furniture Making,” aka R2, my attentions will turn to and eventually be … Continue reading

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Kaare Klint ‘Safari Chair’ in Ebonized Mahogany

The last project for the “Campaign Furniture” book isn’t really a piece of campaign furniture. It’s a fairly close reproduction of a Kaare Klint “Safari Chair” in mostly black. Black leather, black-dyed mahogany and silver hardware. I left the strapping … Continue reading

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The First Review of ‘Campaign Furniture’

About 11 p.m. Christmas Eve, I wrote the final paragraph of “Campaign Furniture” and closed the laptop. Megan Fitzpatrick is editing the text now, and I’m finishing up some hand drawings, photography and scanning to complete the book. I’ll start … Continue reading

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Coming in 2014: Roy Underhill’s ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’

If you’ve attended classes at Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School, you might have noticed a printout of a book cover that’s tacked to the back wall – behind the coffeemaker and next to the poster of the Barnes foot-powered machines. … Continue reading

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I (Heart) Inlaid Brass Hardware

After 18-plus months of building campaign furniture for this upcoming book, I’ve experimented with several different techniques for insetting the ubiquitous brass hardware that adorns every piece. I’ve used electric routers and templates, routers freehand, drills, firmer gouges, chisels and … Continue reading

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Coming in 2014: The First English Translation of Félibien

We are pleased to announce that one of the titles we will publish in 2014 is the first English translation of the woodworking sections of André Félibien’s “Princips de l’architecture…,” an important 17th-century book on the craft. “Princips de l’architecture…” … Continue reading

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The core “Virtuoso” team is currently returning to a normal orbit after the fourth (and ostensibly last) pilgrimage to the Studley tool chest. As Chris has described elsewhere, after this visit I can finally check off a nagging item on … Continue reading

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