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Dilated 10 cm but Not Completely Naked

Last night I processed image files until the wee hours as I waited for word that Mike Siemsen’s new DVD “The Naked Woodworker” was ready in our warehouse. We’re still working out a few little bugs, but it will go … Continue reading

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‘Calvin Cobb’ is Out for Treatment

Friday evening, Christopher Schwarz, Linda Watts and I gathered around, drinks in hand, to discuss the “treatment” of Roy Underhill’s “Calvin Cobb, Radio Woodworker! A Novel with Measured Drawings.” We looked at a passel of books that were published in … Continue reading

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Update on ‘The Naked Woodworker’

“The Naked Woodworker” DVD is off to the pressing plant in Virginia, and I am uploading the massive movie files to our store’s servers as I type. So here are details on the project, when it will be available and … Continue reading

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Coffin-making. For Reals

Judging from the e-mails I’ve received today, some readers thought I was making a macabre joke when I mentioned we’re having a coffin-making party in August. It’s no joke. And I’m dead serious about the project. Everyone has personal desires … Continue reading

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Set Up Shop With the Naked Woodworker, Part 2

In this segment, we visit The Naked Woodworker, the oracle of east-central Minnesota, to ask his advice on the following important questions. 1. Oh Naked Woodworker, tell us the truth about safety advice. It’s mostly legal, cover-one’s-behind stuff, no? The … Continue reading

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Scythe Beats Hammer Every Time

Jeff Burks turned up this fantastic image from the 1850 book “Bilder des Todes oder Todtentanz für alle Stände” (“Images of death or the Dance of Death for all classes”) illustrated by Johann Gottfried Flegel and written by Carl Merkel. … Continue reading

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Set up Shop with the Naked Woodworker, Part 1

I hate hearing someone say: “I would get in to woodworking but I can’t afford the equipment.” Woodworking does not have to be an expensive hobby. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple workbench can be … Continue reading

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