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Scythe Beats Hammer Every Time

Jeff Burks turned up this fantastic image from the 1850 book “Bilder des Todes oder Todtentanz für alle Stände” (“Images of death or the Dance of Death for all classes”) illustrated by Johann Gottfried Flegel and written by Carl Merkel. … Continue reading

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Sociable Settles

When you come to think of it, settles were the only form of traditional oak furniture that were not used for dining; they were for resting, conversing and drinking. As such, they were sociable, not hierarchical. Unlike other forms of … Continue reading

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Upcoming Projects at Lost Art Press

When I left the corporate publishing world, I stopped wearing a wristwatch everyday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn one this year. This is, of course, a symbolic gesture. We won’t release a book until we are happy with … Continue reading

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One for the Engraver

“The Furniture of Necessity” book will be written, illustrated and printed in the same spirit as the pieces of furniture between its covers. Instead of relying on SketchUp and digital photographs, the engraver will be making the plates for this … Continue reading

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Crackle Finish on a 6-board Chest

There are lots of ways to achieve a cracked paint finish, and I don’t pretend to be an expert on all the different products and methods out there. But I do know what works for me every time, is completely … Continue reading

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A Fancier Base for a 6-board Chest

While the six-board chest is a simple form, there are some variants that make the chest look more high-style, like it might have a fancy bracket-foot base. Today I decided to convert the chest I built for the Alabama Woodworkers … Continue reading

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Outsider Art & the Furniture of Necessity

“You can have art in your daily life if you want it, but you don’t. You prefer fountain-pens and motor cars.” — Eric Gill, the creator of the Gill Sans typeface, as quoted in “Country Craftsmen” by Freda Derrick (1945) … Continue reading

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