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The Second Staked Backstool

I don’t give names to my pieces of furniture. I have nothing against people who do, but it’s just not my thing. But sometimes a piece of furniture reminds me of someone as I’m building it. When I look at … Continue reading

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Hide Glue Gives You Happy Endings

There are many reasons to use hide glue for furniture, and today I was reminded of one of them – hide glue sticks to itself. This morning I assembled the uppercarriage of this wacky backstool and hit a serious snag. … Continue reading

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Woodworking by Jack Handy

I wonder sometimes if the reason old woodworking texts seem frustratingly incomplete to us is because there weren’t many words out there that could help one learn the craft. Put another way: Why do most old woodworking texts begin with … Continue reading

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You Cannot. You Should Not. You Will Not.

Peter Follansbee’s brain switches off when someone begins a sentence with, “You should….” Mine does a similar thing when I am told, “You can’t….” Part of the beauty of modern communication – you can get a message rapidly to the … Continue reading

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Kiss the Devil on the Tongue

In 1990, I was fresh out of college, working my first job at The Greenville News and terrified of being fired. During my first year on the job as reporter I hit a patch where I made a string of … Continue reading

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Simple Type of Indian Home Cot

ONE of our Indian readers sends us particulars for the making of a simple home cot, which we think will be of general interest. The cot consists of a skeleton framework supported by four legs, the overall height being 18 … Continue reading

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Octagons for the Win

There aren’t many things I miss about corporate America – except for Teresa. Teresa runs the mailroom at F+W Media (among other things), and was always there to sign for packages and put them in your hands so you could … Continue reading

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