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Harmless Christmas Pamphlet, 1927

“By making this chair five times as expensive, three times as heavy, half as comfortable, and as quarter as beautiful, an architect can very well win himself a name.” — Poul Henningsen (1894-1967), Danish author, architect and critic, in Kritisk … Continue reading

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You Need Not the Distinctive

Kaare Klint’s introduction to his class on draftsmanship for joiners at the Copenhagen Technical Society’s School (1920-1921 school year): As you might know, the school is quite new; we have only had one winter’s evening classes as a basis. I … Continue reading

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Danish Modern Modules

One of my latest obsessions has been reading about the 20th-century design studies by Kaare Klint and Børge Morgensen that sought to create furniture systems that could be adapted to store anything. Today I’m working through Morgensen’s Øresund series, developed … Continue reading

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Ode to a Type of Wood

O teak! You delight of clients’ wives, refuge of architects, and the dot over the “i” of honoraria. You fiendishly indestructible and shitty brown. You are so Asiatic Company-like and so noble that you cannot even stand being painted in … Continue reading

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New, New, New

“New, new, new, just for the sake of newness, for the sake of the sales’ curve, in order to make people throw away the old things before they have served their time. Not so long ago we looked for a … Continue reading

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All the Problems are not New

“To a certain extent, our endeavors coincide with those abroad, in particular with ones in Germany, but we feel they are working on a more primitive basis regarding the use as well as the working out. Apparently they have jettisoned … Continue reading

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Not a Radical Break With Tradition

“It is of no use to design furniture; it cannot be designed.” — Kaare Klint, Mobilia Magazine, No. 56, 1960 As a teacher especially, Kaare Klint exerted a strong influence. With his students, he studied how a piece of furniture … Continue reading

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