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Fantastic Campaign Stool Hardware from Lee Valley

It’s available now. Details on my other blog here.

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Civil War Seating – You Could do a Book

Campaign seating is one of my favorite furniture topics. Roorkee chairs, X-stools, Fenby-patent chairs etc. are all interesting because they are portable, mechanical and (duh) chairs. Jeff Burks recently turned up a number of fascinating Civil War photographs by James … Continue reading

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Ball-and-socket Campaign Stool

Jeff Burks turned up an interesting patent for a camp stool that seems genius, and yet I’ve never seen an example in the wild. Nathaniel Johnson of New York was granted patent 32,698 on July 2, 1861, for using a … Continue reading

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Simple Type of Indian Home Cot

ONE of our Indian readers sends us particulars for the making of a simple home cot, which we think will be of general interest. The cot consists of a skeleton framework supported by four legs, the overall height being 18 … Continue reading

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2nd Printing of ‘Campaign Furniture’ & Other News

We’re going back on press for a second printing of “Campaign Furniture” with a few corrections and a slightly different cover. The only significant correction, which was to the Roorkee Chair chapter, is discussed here. I also added a thank … Continue reading

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Roorkee Chat No. 3

— Suzanne Ellison

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Learn to Stitch the Arms of a Roorkee Chair

The leather arms of Roorkee chairs will sag if you use only one layer of leather. Historical Roorkees tended to use only one layer, so I’ve seen a lot of low-slung arms. If you don’t want your arms to sag, … Continue reading

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