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Plans: A Folding Campaign Bed

Because I spend 18 weeks a year on the road, teaching and researching, I am always relieved when I return home and my key still works in the front door. I’ve always thought I should have a Plan B in … Continue reading

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Americans Need Not Apply

One of the oddest criticisms I’ve received about the book “Campaign Furniture” is that I’m not British, and therefore have no legitimate connection to that historical style. It’s true that I am an American citizen – I didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Campaign Stool’s Leatherwork Details

If you know what a sharp tool is and you have basic hand-eye coordination, then you have the skills to do basic leatherwork, such as the seat and strap for this folding campaign stool. This weekend I built a couple … Continue reading

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Peter Hvidt: A Link Between Campaign Furniture and Danish Modern

After wallowing in images of campaign furniture for the last three years, it became clear to me that many of its core principles – clean design, good joinery, nice wood – had been grafted onto the Danish Modern style. Some … Continue reading

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Wee Britain

One of the core ideas behind campaign furniture was it was a little piece of home wherever British citizens roamed. The soldiers, clerks and support staff who administered the affairs of the British Empire all over the globe remade their … Continue reading

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‘New English Workshop’ reviews ‘Campaign Furniture’

Paul Mayon of the New English Workshop blog posted a quite generous review this week of my latest book, “Campaign Furniture.” It is such a nice review that I am compelled to point out that we never solicit reviews here … Continue reading

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Daniel Whitson, a furniture maker and carpenter in western North Carolina, recently finished building this Roorkee for a friend opening a retail store. The legs are made from rhododendron, which is plentiful where he lives. I have been surprised how … Continue reading

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