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Obsession No. 212. Umbrella Chairs

When I wrote “Campaign Furniture,” I tried to avoid some of the “camp” campaign pieces – mostly pieces of furniture that had been adapted to plastic modern versions and available for sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But this week, … Continue reading

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England. And then More Roorkees

I leave for England Saturday to teach two classes for the New English Workshop at Warwickshire College, but before that English experience, I have to tend to another. Today I started roughing out the parts for two more Roorkee chairs … Continue reading

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The Inglorious Conclusion of the Roorkee

During my early research into Roorkee chairs I received at least a dozen e-mails from chairmakers and fellow woodworkers with this simple message: Turn back; the Roorkee is a bad design. Many of these woodworkers had sat in mid-20th century … Continue reading

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Campaign Birdhouse (And a Movie)

Campaign birdhouse. It is real. Check it out on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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Plans: A Folding Campaign Bed

Because I spend 18 weeks a year on the road, teaching and researching, I am always relieved when I return home and my key still works in the front door. I’ve always thought I should have a Plan B in … Continue reading

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Americans Need Not Apply

One of the oddest criticisms I’ve received about the book “Campaign Furniture” is that I’m not British, and therefore have no legitimate connection to that historical style. It’s true that I am an American citizen – I didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Campaign Stool’s Leatherwork Details

If you know what a sharp tool is and you have basic hand-eye coordination, then you have the skills to do basic leatherwork, such as the seat and strap for this folding campaign stool. This weekend I built a couple … Continue reading

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