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Friday: A Tantalizing Peek at the Studley Tool Chest

Most of the verbiage I’ve read about the H.O. Studley tool chest has been misleading, candy-coated or just silly. I can say this because I’ve spent the last five years embedded with Don Williams, the author of our forthcoming book … Continue reading

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Where H.O. Studley Shopped

While a fair number of tools in the H.O. Studley chest were custom-made – most likely by Studley himself – there are a significant number of off-the-rack tools in the chest as well. Lots of Starrett stuff, Brown & Sharpe, … Continue reading

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On the Importance of the Studley Tool Chest

During the last five years, I’ve had more than my share of intimate contact with the famous H.O. Studley tool cabinet. And so wherever I travel I get asked this question: “What’s it like?” So I lie. “I hate it,” … Continue reading

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My Final Visit to Studley’s Chest (And Your First One)

In about 90 minutes I leave the real world to enter the shadowy territory of H.O. Studley. His tool cabinet and workbench are under the kind curation of a man who wishes to remain anonymous. And so we turn off … Continue reading

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Now Available: Transcripts of ‘The Naked Woodworker’

Thanks to a solid month of volunteer work, there are now complete transcripts of “The Naked Woodworker” available for Lost Art Press customers. These transcripts are ideal for woodworkers with impaired hearing or who simply want to check the dimensions … Continue reading

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‘Calvin Cobb’ – The Final Flurry of Proofing

This evening, Christopher sat on his couch, I sat on his floor (so as to better commune with the cats), and we scrutinized the printer proofs of “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” Chris uploaded the handful of corrections just minutes ago, … Continue reading

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Book of Plates: The Final, Furry Proofing

The designer and I finished up proofing “l’Art du menuisier: The Book of Plates” on Tuesday and today are washing our hands of the project. We probably should wash our hands twice after what Wally the cat was doing on … Continue reading

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