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“And good chips, from that old block.”

I follow one of Britain’s National Trust blogs that specializes in chinoiserie. Through the blog I was familiar with Erddig, a very popular National Trust site, outside of Wrexham in Wales. What I didn’t know was how the painting above … Continue reading

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The Train Wreck is Behind You

I don’t sleep as well when I have French workbench in pieces in my shop. Even a little wood movement in the joints can make assembly a bear, or at least a ticked-off warthog. Yesterday I fit the legs in … Continue reading

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Green Wood & Workbenches

The question of whether early workbenches were built from green wood or seasoned wood has a simple answer: yes. But what was the common practice? For that question, I turned to A.J. Roubo’s “l’Art du menuisier” for the simple reason … Continue reading

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Hermit’s Journal: Day 2

Late Friday John and I arrived home after six days of backbreaking but inspiring work at the French Oak Roubo Project put on by Benchcrafted and Bo Childs of Barnesville, Ga. It was my last scheduled trip until an indeterminate … Continue reading

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Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Day 2, fixing bench problems

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French Oak Roubo Project II

I’m down in Barnsville, Ga., this week for the French Oak Roubo Project – my final trip of the year and likely my last trip for the next couple years. I’ll be posting daily updates on the project on my … Continue reading

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Almost Gone: Posters & ‘Workbenches, Revised’

Next week we should take possession of 500 copies of “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use, Revised Edition.” I’m going to sign all 500 copies on the title page and then take them to our warehouse to … Continue reading

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