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For the Workbench Nerds

A have a new post on Basque workbenches on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine. Check out the unusual face vise. — Christopher Schwarz

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Never Mind the Movie Star, Look at that Deadman

Reader Charles W. Luetje sent me a link to this New York Times story that features Zach Braff sitting on a fantastic workbench with a beautiful deadman. I will definitely be stealing this form for a future bench. From the … Continue reading

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One (or Two) of Jonathan Fisher’s Workbenches

Jonathan Fisher built a number of workbenches during his life in Blue Hill, Maine, according to woodworker Joshua Klein, who has studied Fisher’s journal in detail. One of Fisher’s workbenches is a lightweight model that uses a basic Nicholson construction … Continue reading

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A Workbench Time Capsule

British woodworker Richard Arnold recently discovered an abandoned hand-tool joiner’s shop located only a few miles from his workshop. Arnold says it looks like the shop was abandoned just before the second world war and looks as if it had … Continue reading

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The Hunt for the Earliest Holdfasts

To amuse ourselves, Jeff Burks, Suzanne Ellison and I have been trying to find the earliest extant holdfast or the earliest image of one. We’ve gone way back, but the trail goes dead in Roman times. We have people saying … Continue reading

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Bench Building: A Team Sport

Last night I dragged myself home after five days of building 16 workbenches at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. All of the benches turned out fantastic for two reasons: 1. Wonderful (yet inexpensive) material. We used Horizon Wood Product’s … Continue reading

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A Reminder on Cut Nails: Not the Tip

There is only so much book and video editing I can do before my head starts to feel like a wheel of gouda. Lucky for me, I can go to the shop at any point (What are they going to … Continue reading

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The Nicholson Bench for Starters. (Also Beginners, Newbies and Novices)

I like to read and discuss old texts and try to figure out what the authors are trying to tell us. When I read about using hand tools I prefer texts that were written before the use of electricity. Nicholson’s … Continue reading

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Benchcrafted Classic Installed. Level Up!

This morning I completed installing the new leg vise on my Holtzapffel workbench that is powered by the Benchcrafted Classic Vise and Crisscross. Installation took about four hours – spread out over the week – and was straightforward thanks to … Continue reading

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§ 2. The Bench. Pl. 12. Fig. 12.

Consists of a platform A B C D called the top, supported upon four legs, E, F, G, H. Near to the further or fore end A B is an upright rectangular prismatic pin a, made to slide stiffly in … Continue reading

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