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What is that Shadowy Thing? Solved.

When you look at old engravings, there are going to be details that confuse. Perhaps they were drawn incorrectly. Or you just don’t have enough information to interpret the marks on the page. Several years ago, I wrote about the … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Low Bench – I Mean Bed

  A common question when I am on the road: “So when you aren’t woodworking, do have any other hobbies? Sports? Guns?” Answer: “I enjoy woodworking, writing about woodworking, listening to loud music when woodworking, reading about woodworking, drinking a … Continue reading

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Definitely 38” High

The title above is a joke about workbench height. I think workbenches can be almost any height – even 38” – depending on what you are doing at the bench and your tool set. Here’s a confession: My back sucks. … Continue reading

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After Six Hours of Bench-building….

John Hoffman and I are at Mike Siemsen’s School of Woodworking this weekend to film the first ever Lost Art Press DVD. This project, which yet to have a title, is basically “Fear and Loathing in Minnesota.” There has been … Continue reading

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A Better Bench Knife

In all my years of messing about with old workbenches and their holding devices, I haven’t had much experience with the “bench knife.” In its original form, the bench knife is nothing more than a broken piece of a dinner … Continue reading

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My Magic Stick

Several weeks ago I commented on a stick that changed my workshop habits. I have posted a video and explanation of that stick on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine. — Christopher Schwarz

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Books we Found – 50 Percent Off

During some annual inventory activity, John Hoffman and I turned up two cases of books we don’t sell anymore at Lost Art Press. These books aren’t doing anyone any good sitting in a warehouse, so we’re offering them at 50 … Continue reading

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Slab-top Workbenches and Evil Spirits, Part 2

Read Part 1 here. When predicting what a thick workbench top will do, I don’t consult the tables in the Forest Product Lab’s “Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material.” Instead, I prefer to think that building a thick benchtop … Continue reading

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On Slab Workbenches and Meaningless Data

Reader: “How flat does my workbench need to be?” Me: “Flat enough to work.” Reader: “But how will I know when it’s not working?” Me: “You will know.” And really, that is all there is to say about the topic … Continue reading

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A Flat-out Bad Time

I know that my recent blog entries have been lightweight at best – thanks to Jeff Burks for picking up my slack. I’m determined to finish writing this “Campaign Furniture” book by Dec. 31, and so all my energy is … Continue reading

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