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Repeat After Me: I Will Not Bead My Wife’s Cats

Small beads – 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” – are ideal for creating shadow lines and transitions between flat boards. The classic example is with tongue-and-groove backboards. If you add a bead on the face of every board with a tongue, … Continue reading

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Fitting out the Inside of a Tool Chest

When I finally get to point where I’ve answered all my e-mail (sometime about July 2026), I might write a supplement or revision to the last bit of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” to include more construction information on different chests … Continue reading

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The Just Reward of Labor

The proper, legitimate, and just reward of labor. Security of person and property. The greatest practicable amount of freedom to each individual. Economy in the production and uses of wealth. To open the way for each individual to the possession … Continue reading

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A Machine Heart

“I’ve heard my teacher say, where there are machines, there are bound to be machine worries; where there are machine worries, there are bound to be machine hearts. With a machine heart in your breast, you’ve spoiled what was pure … Continue reading

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Invent Nothing: Volume II

In my early days at Popular Woodworking magazine, we would draw up the projects we wanted to build for an upcoming issue and present them to the other editors for review and comment. On the one hand, it was a … Continue reading

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Lost Art Press Now Available at Best Made Co.

Despite what seems like common sense, John and I like to keep our retail network small and personal. We enjoy working with people who share our philosophy on craft and business. Those people are few and far between. Recently we … Continue reading

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Summer School with David Savage

If I have only one complaint about my life, it is that with all the teaching, writing and building that I do, I have no time left to take woodworking courses for myself. I don’t drool over tool catalogs. My … Continue reading

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