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New Tool Chest is a Joint Project

Juggling a book and a furniture commission is like juggling two balls – pretty easy and not all that impressive. These last two weeks have been a full on circus: two books in overdrive (Peter Galbert’s “Chairmaker’s Notebook” and Don … Continue reading

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Be Smart and Carry the Gazintas

As you design your tool chest, a little bit of cypherin’ can make a tool chest seem like the Tardis – way bigger on the inside than it should be. This traveling chest carries a remarkable amount of tools in … Continue reading

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A Simple Saw Till for a Tool Chest

Because saws are delicate rust-magnets, storing them is a balancing act of protecting their bendable, rust-prone sawplates and still making them easy to get in and out of storage. There are many good solutions. This is a simple one that … Continue reading

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The One in Which I am Slapped by Someone

Please don’t let your children (or your fetal acetates) read this blog entry. I’m finishing up the interior of a traveling tool chest this weekend and put in the tool rack that’s affixed to the back wall of this particular … Continue reading

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Repeat After Me: I Will Not Bead My Wife’s Cats

Small beads – 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” – are ideal for creating shadow lines and transitions between flat boards. The classic example is with tongue-and-groove backboards. If you add a bead on the face of every board with a tongue, … Continue reading

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Fitting out the Inside of a Tool Chest

When I finally get to point where I’ve answered all my e-mail (sometime about July 2026), I might write a supplement or revision to the last bit of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” to include more construction information on different chests … Continue reading

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The Just Reward of Labor

The proper, legitimate, and just reward of labor. Security of person and property. The greatest practicable amount of freedom to each individual. Economy in the production and uses of wealth. To open the way for each individual to the possession … Continue reading

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