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Why You Need a Low Bench – I Mean Bed

  A common question when I am on the road: “So when you aren’t woodworking, do have any other hobbies? Sports? Guns?” Answer: “I enjoy woodworking, writing about woodworking, listening to loud music when woodworking, reading about woodworking, drinking a … Continue reading

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‘Campaign Furniture’ for Sale Around the World

“Campaign Furniture” has broken all of our sales records here at Lost Art Press, which has made it difficult for our fulfillment service to keep up (don’t worry, they are only a day or two behind). And we’ve just about … Continue reading

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An Interesting Joint on a Trunk

Many of the campaign-style trunks I’ve examined are joined by through-dovetails at the corners. The trunk I built for “Campaign Furniture” uses a rabbeted joint at the corners that is reinforced with brass screws that have had their heads filed … Continue reading

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Correction on the Roorkee Chair in ‘Campaign Furniture’

One of the dimensions on page 161 of “Campaign Furniture” is incorrect. The height of the front stretcher of the Roorkee chair should be 12-1/2” from the floor, not 13-1/2”. You can download a high-resolution pdf of the corrected page … Continue reading

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This Chair Will get Me Some ‘Strange’

The most gratifying class I teach has got to be the one on Roorkee chairs. To be certain, there is the normal amount of “explaining how to make things out of wood” in the class. But in addition to that, … Continue reading

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Video: Folding Metal Campaign Stool

Stools that have an X-frame for the base are some of the oldest pieces of seating furniture (aside from a stump and buttocks). Sometimes called a “curule,” they were, quite literally the seat of power in Roman times. These X-style … Continue reading

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In Defense of Sledge Feet

The first campaign chest I built I used sledge feet – simple square blocks that raised the lower case off the ground. Soon after, I received a pleasant note stating that I had made an amateur mistake. Campaign chests with … Continue reading

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The Campaign Continues

With “Campaign Furniture” shipping out of the warehouse (we should be current on orders by Monday), one would think I am sick of the style. Or that at least I would take a break. Quite the opposite. When I finished … Continue reading

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Mark Firley Does Not Drink, But He is on Something

Mark Firley of The Furniture Record blog has written up a piece on campaign furniture that is 100 percent false. Except the pictures. Go for the photos. Click here to read the post. If you don’t subscribe to The Furniture … Continue reading

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‘The Map is not the Territory’

The first words of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” are “disobey me,” a paradoxical expression that underlies much of my favorite absurdist Russian literature. You can take the expression at face value, or you can think about it for a minute … Continue reading

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