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Hey, I Know that Guy

I’ve never seen him drink tea. But perhaps that’s because I’m always drinking beer. Check it out here. — Christopher Schwarz

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‘To Make as Perfectly as Possible’ Named one of the ‘50 Books of the Year’

The deluxe edition of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry” has been named one of the “50 Books of the Year” for 2013 by the Design Observer, in association with AIGA and Designers & Books. Designed by … Continue reading

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Materials & Tools for the Knockdown Nicholson Workbench

I’m teaching two classes in building the Knockdown Nicholson Workbench in 2015 (details on the locations to come) and needed to prepare a list of materials and tools for the students. Because I received an S+ in “Sharing” in kindergarten, … Continue reading

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Question About ‘The Book of Plates’

Jason writes: I have a question for you about your announcement of “The Book of Plates.” I have already purchased the first installment that Lost Art Press has published on marquetry, and I plan to get the one on furniture … Continue reading

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Install a Half-mortise Chest Lock

Last weekend at the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association I didn’t have time to install the chest lock on the campaign-style officer’s trunk I built for the organization’s fall seminar. And so I promised I would post directions from “The … Continue reading

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Kitchen Table Workbench from The Woodworker

There are many ways to get around not having a dedicated workbench. Here are a few: Some Victorian-era books recommend using a chest of drawers as a bench. Work on the top, store your tools in the top drawers and … Continue reading

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Inside Roubo’s ‘The Book of Plates’

This week we will put the finishing touches on “l’Art du menuisier: The Book of Plates” and send it to the printer. It is astonishing to look at all 383 plates (or 382, depending on how you count them). From … Continue reading

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