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‘Grandpa’s Workshop’ in Chalk and Asphalt

Graphic designer and woodworker Tom Buhl reproduced an illustration of “Grandpa’s Workshop” for the Santa Barbara I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival, and it is quite cool. You can see more photos of the painting being made here. See more … Continue reading

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The Mad Chef Abuses Fine Belgian Beer

Editor’s note: Normally, we would not post a blog entry such as this, where a writer abuses a fine Belgian ale. But because this is Brian Anderson, who happily translated “Grandpa’s Workshop” for all of us, I am willing to … Continue reading

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The Mad Chef’s Milk Paint gets a Shellacking

Despite word from Tibet from my milk paint supplier that Agnes the yak was busy assembling her hope chest and flirting shamelessly with a certain strapping young specimen of yakhood, I decided that I needed to take the bull by … Continue reading

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A Six-board Chest – a la Français

Well, actually it was more like a 12-board chest, but they were 2-meter-long skinny tongue-and-groove floorboards that I glued together, so I guess it still counts. I have ended up using quite a bit of the tongue-and-groove pine, either 3/4″ … Continue reading

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About that Odd Tool from ‘Grandpa’s Workshop’

It is not often that my love of tool geekery and word geekery coincide. But over several posts about “Grandpa’s Workshop” and the besaigue (bisaigue) there have been some questions about the tool and how to pronounce the word. It … Continue reading

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A Visit to Grandpa’s Workshop

“Look, it’s Jean-le-Vert!” Grandpa’s Workshop is real, and we visited it last weekend in Normandy. My wife and I and two girls spent a long weekend in Normandy. It is a beautiful region, known for its timber-framed longhouses with reed … Continue reading

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A Review of ‘Grandpa’s Workshop’

Scott Stahl, aka The Pragmatic Woodworker, has posted a review of “Grandpa’s Workshop” on his blog. As Scott is a father with a 10-year-old daughter, I was particularly interested and pleased to see how his young one reacted to the … Continue reading

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