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A Message from the Wing-nut Ducks

Suzanne Ellison prepared this montage of swimming ducks from A.-J. Roubo’s “The Book of Plates” (plates 98, 294, 319 and 349) to remind you that you have only a day or so to order “The Book of Plates” and have … Continue reading

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Repeat After Me: I Will Not Bead My Wife’s Cats

Small beads – 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” – are ideal for creating shadow lines and transitions between flat boards. The classic example is with tongue-and-groove backboards. If you add a bead on the face of every board with a tongue, … Continue reading

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Fitting out the Inside of a Tool Chest

When I finally get to point where I’ve answered all my e-mail (sometime about July 2026), I might write a supplement or revision to the last bit of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” to include more construction information on different chests … Continue reading

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Thank You ‘Book of Plates’

Whether or not you purchase “l’Art du Menuisier: The Book of Plates” makes no difference to me personally. I have my copy, and it is making my woodworking life more interesting. Today I finished up the first edit of the … Continue reading

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The Just Reward of Labor

The proper, legitimate, and just reward of labor. Security of person and property. The greatest practicable amount of freedom to each individual. Economy in the production and uses of wealth. To open the way for each individual to the possession … Continue reading

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Slab Bench Maintenance: Remain Reamed

Because holdfasts are the primary workholding device on my French oak workbench, I am quick to investigate things when the holdfasts stop working well. This week I noticed my holdfasts were getting stuck in their holes. They were difficult to … Continue reading

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Workholding with the ‘Naked Woodworker’

The workbench that Mike Siemsen builds in the DVD “The Naked Woodworker” doesn’t have a single vise, but it can perform all the standard woodworking operations. To prove this point, we asked Mike to make a short video that demonstrated … Continue reading

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