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Some Roorkee Details to Ponder

Ghurka – the maker of fine leather goods – offers a couple of different Roorkee patterns for sale at its website: the officer’s lounger and the officer’s chair. Both are made in the classic style in oak with nice leather … Continue reading

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Full-size Leather Lips for Your Stool

The leather “lips” for the seat on the stool in “Campaign Furniture” have stymied a few readers. Their exact shape isn’t critical, but I should have provided a gridded diagram to make things easier. Reader Glenn Frazee has made it … Continue reading

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The Piltdown Cabinet

Most woodworkers become adept at hiding repairs on their furniture or antiques. But some use this skill to fool a buyer into paying much more for a piece that is actually modern or has been cobbled together from several antique … Continue reading

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Folding Campaign Bookcase Complete

For the last seven weeks I’ve been building this folding campaign bookcase using sapele I purchased from the dearly departed Midwest Woodworking. My logbook says I have about 50 hours in the project. It took seven weeks because I was … Continue reading

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On the Stump and the Axe

For some reason I never considered a tree stump as essential workshop equipment until I met Richard Maguire. Maguire, a lifelong furniture-maker and bench-builder, uses a stump and an axe in his shop and counts it among his essential workshop … Continue reading

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The Minimalist Anarchist Tool Kit

To build an English-style tool chest, you don’t need a chest full of hand tools. Here is what I consider the minimum tool kit necessary to build this chest during a class or in your shop (as soon as you … Continue reading

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What is that Shadowy Thing? Solved.

When you look at old engravings, there are going to be details that confuse. Perhaps they were drawn incorrectly. Or you just don’t have enough information to interpret the marks on the page. Several years ago, I wrote about the … Continue reading

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Insults From Beyond the Grave

Philippe Lafargue, my Roubo translation collaborator and long-time friend, has been insulted. Deeply. By M. Roubo himself. Roubo’s chapters on chairmaking are technically sublime, with many profound insights and word pictures I find captivating. However, he is incessant in his … Continue reading

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A Roorkee Footstool

The principles behind the Roorkee chair can be easily adapted to other forms of furniture besides chairs. Its loose-tenon joinery has been used to make beds and even tables on occasion. Today, however, I saw my first Roorkee footstool. This … Continue reading

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Time to Stop and Smell the Sapele

Tucked between my trips to both coasts and editing Peter Galbert’s in-fricking-credible book on chairmaking I’ve been building this folding campaign bookcase in sapele for an article in Popular Woodworking Magazine. The bookcase looks so simple: two boxes that are … Continue reading

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