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I am an American Anarchist

And so she asks: “What does it mean? ‘The Anarchist’s Tool Chest?’” I take a deep breath and purse my lips a bit. I get asked this question a lot, especially by non-woodworkers, people who haven’t read “The Anarchist’s Tool … Continue reading

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Another Greenville, Another Magic Mart

People gripe about traveling abroad, especially for work. I don’t get it. Here is how it’s done. 1. Take yourself on a “date.” Jet lag is easy to conquer with modern chemistry. I tell people that I give myself a … Continue reading

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English Tool Chests in England

The No. 1 question I get from students in my tool chest classes: “Aren’t you tired of building tool chests?” That’s like asking a delivery-room doctor: “Aren’t you tired of delivering babies?” Helping woodworkers build a tool chest and workbench … Continue reading

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Credit in the Straight World: A Review in Make Magazine

Stuart Deutsch wrote a short review of “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” for the August/September 2014 issue of Make magazine, which is usually about building projects involving high technology. In the review, Deutsch writes: “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” is not your … Continue reading

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England. And then More Roorkees

I leave for England Saturday to teach two classes for the New English Workshop at Warwickshire College, but before that English experience, I have to tend to another. Today I started roughing out the parts for two more Roorkee chairs … Continue reading

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The Inglorious Conclusion of the Roorkee

During my early research into Roorkee chairs I received at least a dozen e-mails from chairmakers and fellow woodworkers with this simple message: Turn back; the Roorkee is a bad design. Many of these woodworkers had sat in mid-20th century … Continue reading

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For the Workbench Nerds

A have a new post on Basque workbenches on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine. Check out the unusual face vise. — Christopher Schwarz

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Never Mind the Movie Star, Look at that Deadman

Reader Charles W. Luetje sent me a link to this New York Times story that features Zach Braff sitting on a fantastic workbench with a beautiful deadman. I will definitely be stealing this form for a future bench. From the … Continue reading

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Peter Follansbee Has Left the Building

When I visited Peter Follansbee in his shop at Plimoth Plantation in 2012, it looked as if his shop had always been there and always would. I wouldn’t call it cluttered, exactly. It was quite tidy. But it was filled … Continue reading

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Tools to Make the Anarchist’s Tool Chest

The following is a list I should have made four years ago when I first started teaching people how to build the full-size tool chest in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” Apologies for the delay. Here are the tools you need. … Continue reading

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