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Back to a Slightly Flawed, Six-pronged Friend

I have concluded that the surface-mounted tee-nuts (item 94122A200 from McMaster-Carr) are difficult to break, but they do break at the collar if you tighten their mating bolts too much. So I removed these 14 tee-nuts from my knockdown Nicholson … Continue reading

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Knockdown Bench: Good News and Bad

Here’s the good news: The bench is assembled and works well. I’ll explain the construction details in the coming days. And the bad: I destroyed one of the knockdown fasteners tonight. I tightened one of the 3/8” hex-head bolts that … Continue reading

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Knockdown Nicholson Workbench, Day .625

I had only 90 minutes in the shop today as we spent most of our daylight getting my daughter packed for college and taking her out for a rib dinner. But during those 90 minutes I assembled the ends and … Continue reading

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Knockdown Nicholson Workbench, Day 1/2

The only thing difficult about building this workbench in two days is not building the whole thing in only one day. I had only about four or five hours of shop time today because we’re packing up our oldest daughter … Continue reading

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Dilated 10 cm but Not Completely Naked

Last night I processed image files until the wee hours as I waited for word that Mike Siemsen’s new DVD “The Naked Woodworker” was ready in our warehouse. We’re still working out a few little bugs, but it will go … Continue reading

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Crap Wood for Good Workbenches

A common bench-builder’s lament: “My home center stocks terrible dimensional wood. I went to every store in a 20-mile radius and didn’t find a single board.” This blog entry is my retort to that complaint. I’ve bought dimensional stock in … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Team, DZ-015

I avoid dealing with large organizations whenever possible, and that is because I am not Chinese. Somewhere, somehow, some nutjob in the Cincinnati medical community put a note in my file years ago that my preferred language is “Chinese (Mandarin).” … Continue reading

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For 2015 (and this Weekend): The Knockdown Workbench

I’ve built a lot of knockdown workbenches in the last 15 years, but I’ve never been 100-percent happy with my knockdown mechanisms. The problem: barrel nuts, bedbolts or whatever you want to call the cross-locking nut. When installed, these things … Continue reading

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Why Our Books are Sewn and Casebound

In one word: Charlie. We will let furniture maker Christopher Scott explain: “This was the work of my workshop dog Charlie, a curly retriever x lab. I have to admit this book not only got read by Charlie, but it … Continue reading

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The Anarchist’s Tool Chest of Marco Terenzi

I keep every Anarchist’s Tool Chest photograph that readers have sent me through the years. I’ve seen my tool chest designs painted with flowers. I’ve seen it painted electric purple. With a Kleenex dispenser in the front wall. But that … Continue reading

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