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Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.

Roorkee No. 24. Same, But Not

One of the things I enjoy about this chair form is that it never gets boring for me (but I don’t think I’ve been bored since age 11). Though this is the 24th Roorkee I’ve built during the last three … Continue reading

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Beading Planes? Talk to Caleb

The most infectious hand tool I own is a 3/16” beading plane that has a permanent space in my traveling tool chest. Nearly every woodworker who uses it becomes possessed by the entirely sane desire to own one (or three) … Continue reading

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A British Perspective on a Dutch Tool Chest Class Taught by a Loud-mouthed American

With every class there are three types of students. The type that is there to learn. They learn. They go home happy. The type that probably should consider a different hobby. (To be honest, that was me during my first … Continue reading

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Over There: Roorkee Hardware & Tool Storage

If you don’t check my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine, here are a couple of items you might be interested in. I’m finishing off two Roorkee chairs this week and am using some different hardware bits that are working out … Continue reading

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Look Mom, I Made the Cover

Even though I’ve been writing for newspapers and magazines for 25 years, it’s still a thrill to be on the cover or the front page. This month, a campaign-style bookcase I built for a customer is on the cover of … Continue reading

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Back Irons of Japanese Planes

Part 4 of a British Introduction to Japanese Planes What we in the West do not realise is that a plane comes to a maker as a kit of parts. He would buy the blade and maybe the back iron … Continue reading

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Knockdown Nicholson: Video & Principles

I’ve built and worked on many Nicholson-style workbenches. And I’ve built and worked on many knockdown workbenches. This workbench is an effort to harness the advantages of those two forms and eliminate (or minimize) their disadvantages. As I mentioned before, … Continue reading

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