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Not Too Artistic

“The chair is the closest thing to a person. You can give it personal expression. Obviously, it has been just as important for me to make sensible cabinets. Everything in a house must definitely not be too artistic. One thing … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, the Japanese Toolboxes

Sometimes I forget the unwritten rule of woodworking blogging: If you don’t show the finished project then everyone assumes you failed and threw the thing in the trash. Earlier this year I wrote about some Japanese sliding-lid boxes I was … Continue reading

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Buy Now or Forever… etc.

You might have heard that Karl Holtey will cease making planes soon. If you have ever wanted one, now is the time to buy as they will only go up in value. I got to fondle two of them at … Continue reading

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Don’t Be ‘That’ Student

After more than 10 years of teaching woodworking classes, I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff, from a guy who slammed his tools to the floor when he couldn’t cut a tenon to a woman who was so rich and … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Use a Square

When I teach edge-jointing by hand, I am surprised by how many woodworkers (even experienced ones) evaluate their work incorrectly. For starters, every board has a “true face,” sometimes called a “datum surface.” This is the one surface that you … Continue reading

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Looking For a Dime. Found a Quarter

Don’t you hate how every Lost Art Press project takes years to complete? Me too. After more than three years of work, Lucy and I have found a building for Lost Art Press where we will live out the rest … Continue reading

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When the Nicholson Bench is Not a Time-Saver

The Nicholson-style workbench is a great choice for a woodworker who is short on time or materials – I can usually build one of these benches in half the time of a French bench and this English form requires half … Continue reading

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