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Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.

English Arts & Crafts at the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

We are less than five minutes into the tour when David Savage stopped to scold the museum docent. “You really are doing a poor job of displaying this,” Savage said, pointing to a Morris textile hanging in a shadowy corner. … Continue reading

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Kaare Klint Safari Chairs: Early & Later

I’m interested in how furniture (and tool) designs change. Typically the trajectory is toward entropy or dissolution. But sometimes it goes the other way (see Lie-Nielsen and Veritas handplanes.) This week I have been deep into reading the Kaare Klint … Continue reading

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Forward into the Fantastic Nothing

This morning I clipped my nose hairs (it sure beats braiding them) as I prepared for 16 days of teaching (and taking) a class in England at David Savage’s Rowden workshop. Leaving on long trips is always difficult, and not … Continue reading

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Changes Inside my Chest

You weren’t supposed to build the tool chest in “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.” It’s a metaphor. A conceit. A Trojan something or another. I did my homework before I built it. I still have all that research piled into folders … Continue reading

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An Interesting Early Saw

The first metallic saws were likely Egyptian, and they resembled a butter knife or a simplified Japanese pull saw. We know that saw technology migrated north to the Romans and Greeks. But most of the saws you see in early … Continue reading

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Alert for Workbench Nerds

Visit my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine here for a full-resolution version of the full plate from the above detail. And it’s not a discussion on man-boobs. Promise. (Look at those! Wow.) Maybe that’s not a man? — Christopher Schwarz

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So Wrong: The ‘Satire’ Category

I’ve added a new category to the Lost Art Press blog: Satire. So now when I write a satirical piece, such as this, this or this, it will be filed in the “satire” category, which is shown at the bottom … Continue reading

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