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The Travelling Anarchist’s Tool Chest Contents: No 9, Bob’s Tools

I hear of good people sending Chris tools to help young makers. Most of us have too many tools; I am still buying tools at 66 and giving lots away to students and friends. It’s a great gift, something you … Continue reading

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Green Wood & Workbenches

The question of whether early workbenches were built from green wood or seasoned wood has a simple answer: yes. But what was the common practice? For that question, I turned to A.J. Roubo’s “l’Art du menuisier” for the simple reason … Continue reading

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Hermit’s Journal: Day 2

Late Friday John and I arrived home after six days of backbreaking but inspiring work at the French Oak Roubo Project put on by Benchcrafted and Bo Childs of Barnesville, Ga. It was my last scheduled trip until an indeterminate … Continue reading

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How to Dye Veneers or Boards Throughout their Entire Thickness

The most frustrating part of using dye to color wood is getting it to penetrate the surface of the wood so you don’t “cut through” the color accidentally as you work or sand the finish and expose undyed wood. This … Continue reading

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French Oak Roubo Project II

I’m down in Barnsville, Ga., this week for the French Oak Roubo Project – my final trip of the year and likely my last trip for the next couple years. I’ll be posting daily updates on the project on my … Continue reading

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Break the Forum?

So we’re getting read to host our “open house” here on the blog in about 53 minutes. And our forum software has gone down. It’s back for now. But we’re not positive that this is going to work. In any … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Ornate is Not a Crate

(Below is a paragraph that ended up on the cutting room floor of “The Anarchist’s Design Book.”) When describing the furniture of necessity, I avoid negative sentence constructions such as: It’s not ornate. That sentence tells you what the furniture … Continue reading

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