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The 17th-century World of Sitting

From Randle Holme III’s “Academy of Armory,” which he began in 1649. As republished in “Living and Working in Seventeenth Century England” Throne He beareth a Throne, a chair Royall, or a Cathedre (from it Latine terme), adorned with a … Continue reading

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2nd Printing of ‘Campaign Furniture’ & Other News

We’re going back on press for a second printing of “Campaign Furniture” with a few corrections and a slightly different cover. The only significant correction, which was to the Roorkee Chair chapter, is discussed here. I also added a thank … Continue reading

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Sandpaper and Shaved Legs

When I make early chairs, I prefer a surface finish for the legs and spindles that is faceted and created by shaving instead of turning. I also use sandpaper to help me see what I’m doing (he wrote, pausing and … Continue reading

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First, Add No BS

One of the turning points in my writing was courtesy of Bob Flexner. Years ago we were discussing ideas for future columns that he could write, and Bob threw out this one: You don’t have to finish both sides of … Continue reading

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Roorkee Chat No. 3

— Suzanne Ellison

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The Skep: The Symbol of the Artisan

When we started Lost Art Press, we kicked around several ideas for what should be the symbol of our small company. We toyed with a saw and then a plane, and we eventually settled on using Joseph Moxon’s compass. The … Continue reading

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Details on Drilling and Reaming

To make the conical mortise for a piece of staked furniture, I first bore a hole that is the smallest size of the overall joint – typically 5/8” in diameter. Then I follow that up with a tapered reamer that … Continue reading

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