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Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.

Now Available: Transcripts of ‘The Naked Woodworker’

Thanks to a solid month of volunteer work, there are now complete transcripts of “The Naked Woodworker” available for Lost Art Press customers. These transcripts are ideal for woodworkers with impaired hearing or who simply want to check the dimensions … Continue reading

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Book of Plates: The Final, Furry Proofing

The designer and I finished up proofing “l’Art du menuisier: The Book of Plates” on Tuesday and today are washing our hands of the project. We probably should wash our hands twice after what Wally the cat was doing on … Continue reading

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‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’ to Press

Roy Underhill’s first novel is complete and off to the printer. It is an enormous honor to publish this labor of love, which Roy has been working on for years. (I really don’t want to ask how many hours he … Continue reading

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Roubo’s Rabbiting Plane

Compliments of Suzanne Ellison.

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It’s Handplane Inoculation Season

Yesterday, Thomas Lie-Nielsen and I finished teaching a weekend class that introduced the students to handplanes – how to sharpen, tune and use them. Curiously, the class wrapped up a couple of hours earlier than usual, and we’d covered more … Continue reading

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Hand-tool Classes for New Woodworkers – How You Can Help

Since I announced the two discounted classes I’m teaching in 2015 for young adults, I’ve received many offers of assistance – everything from cash to tools to food. First off: Thank you. Your generosity is much appreciated. After discussing these … Continue reading

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Hand Tools from The Cronkwright Woodshop

For woodworking I prefer wooden layout tools – squares, straightedges, winding sticks and the like. They are lightweight and so much easier to keep in truth than metal tools. While most woodworkers make their own layout tools, some don’t have … Continue reading

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