If Things Look Wrong on LostArtPress.com…

We are launching a new store today (Sept. 13), so if things look weird or aren’t working right there, we apologize.

If you are having trouble, drop us a line and we will try to lend a hand:


Thanks in advance for your patience as we deal with a long-overdue upgrade of our web site.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Chris Schwarz

Publisher of woodworking books and DVDs specializing in hand tool techniques.
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2 Responses to If Things Look Wrong on LostArtPress.com…

  1. still having problems?

  2. Andrae says:

    You know, http://pzyvj.rdcnx.servertrust.com just doesn’t have the same ring as lostartpress.com…

    My bookmark to blog.lostartpress.com stopped working. Finally I just typed in http://www.lostartpress.com and got the gibberish redirect above, so that works. I see the (functional) blog link now points to lostartpress.wordpress.com. Isn’t reworking a website and hosting a joy?

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