SOLD: Bad Axe 14” Tenon/Sash/Carcase Saw

SOLD: This is a 14” Bad Axe saw with 12ppi and a hybrid tooth filing. It is primarily for rips, but will do fine in the crosscut as well. If you could afford only one backsaw, this would be an excellent choice. It is good for tenons, dados and all other carcase work.

This has a closed cherry handle. Black split sawnuts and the gunsmith blued back. It’s a tremendous saw that I have no room for in my chest.

Retail price: $225
Price here: SOLD $180 plus USPS shipping

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As always, there are rules. I hate rules. But these rules are in the name of justice for all the readers.

First, please don’t ask for a master list of tools or to come over to my house (yes, this happened last time). These tools will go up on the blog when I have time to post them. I don’t know how many there are (I’ve sorted more than 40 so far). I will definitely add more tools to my list as I go – I have several more boxes to go through.

In other words, please don’t ask for special favors. I cannot grant favors and be fair to everyone.

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Payment: I can accept PayPal or a personal check. As soon as the funds arrive, I’ll ship the tool using USPS. If you want insurance, let me know. I’m afraid I can only ship tools in the United States. Shipping internationally is very time-consuming and paperwork-heavy. My apologies in advance on this point.

If you don’t like the tool when you get it, I’ll be happy to refund your money if you return the tool. But postage is on you.

— Christopher Schwarz

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